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Thursday, March 10th, 2011

March 10 marks the fourth year of the founding of Heart’s Content, the original anime blog of House of Sixten. It is also my birthday: I turn 31 today. My first impression is that 31 seems a bit old, especially for someone who hasn’t started a family and has done nothing but fail at achieving his dream (of becoming a professional artist, naturally).

I’ve done nothing but go to school for Computer Science and work as a Systems Analyst in a company where my boss isn’t even as cute as Nareru! Systems Engineer‘s Ritsuka Muromi, for the 10 years since I lost my only art-related job in 2001.

In the four years since the starting of this blog, I have attempted to work on projects with Jason, Owen, Flak, Sam, and Muffin, and have attempted to win a contest at Star City Games. I have dropped out of each such project, no doubt impressing upon them exactly why I have done nothing but fail.

I can’t finish any project I start. My work isn’t good or fast enough. “I’m too busy” and “US Immigration sucks” are just excuses. If I was good enough to be a professional artist, I would have made a way by now.

But life is not for complaining. I may not have reached my dream, but at least I am closer.

Without the lessons learned from my failures, the successes I have had would not have been possible. Miao Diary is a direct result of the breakup of me and Jason, and Lotus Cobra is Evil is the spiritual successor to Owen’s failed Moe Moe Ravnica project. My speed and skill are improving. Four years ago Hinano and I were about even in skill, and now I have higher ratings than her on pixiv (although that may be because I draw Toho and she doesn’t.)

Most importantly, the dream is still alive.

I will only truly fail if I give up.

Here is my project from this quarter in school.

It is partially appropriate.

By the way, that’s not really a cake. Beneath the icing, it’s actually a cluster of cupcakes.

Save The Lunasa Project Awards (for Christopher Long and Gray Embrace)

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Many thanks to Christopher Long and Gray Embrace for taking the time to answer the questions in my previous post. You have helped me pass my Smartphone Mobile Computing class this quarter. The time has come to name your prizes. Ask for me to draw anything you can think of, within the following guidelines:

1. I will spend approximately 15 hours on each piece. If you ask for something overly complex, quality will suffer.

2. The picture must be related to music in some way. This can be anything from a guitar-playing Farm Girl Yuka Kazami to a real-life musician or instrument.

3. I will default to my normal art style. If you want me to use a different style, please specify in your request.

4. Rated G or PG only please. Some fanservice or violence will be allowed (for example, spiky leather-clad metalheads breaking their instruments), but nothing too severe.

Let me know what it is you want in the comments below. I will begin the first of the two pictures on March 19, 2011, which is the beginning of spring break, and finish both pictures before spring quarter starts.

Again, thank you for answering my survey.

Answer eight questions and win a picture

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

If any of you play a musical instrument, I would like your answers to a few questions regarding my school project for this quarter.

This will take a fair amount of reading, so I have to prepare a prize.

The first two people who help me get to request a piece of art, similar to my random art prizes in the past. The post for deciding what piece will be done, will come later.

You can leave your answers in a comment or you can email me at
email address
I will edit this post once I have two responses.

Edit: Two responses have been received!

To Christopher Long and Gray Embrace: Thank you very much for your submissions. Look forward to the reward post soon.

Only people who play a musical instrument should answer this survey. Beginners and advanced players both qualify. I won’t ask for proof though, although I know for sure Hinano, Muffin, and Orion, for example, are musicians.


The merry sisters of fate (2)

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Quick sketches of revisions to the Limited Use Note Accuracy Sensor Application (LUNASA) user interface.

Title screen

Song selection screen


The merry sisters of fate

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

This quarter in school, I am one of three people working on a project named “Lunasa”, after the traditional Celtic music band from Ireland. An Amazon employee is the second member of the group, and the third member, our leader, is a Google employee. (I am not employed by a company anywhere near as famous.) We all can play a musical instrument. I hear this is actually fairly common among Computer Science majors, and the break room in our CS building had a guitar for public use when I was an undergraduate.

Larger image



Saturday, November 13th, 2010

To Evan Erwin,

I regret to announce that I am dropping out of the talent search.

An overload of tasks at my job combined with a full weekend’s worth of homework at school have made me unable to meet next week’s deadline. I also realize that this is bound to happen again while I am working and studying at the same time, and therefore I would be at high risk of missing deadlines even if I did manage to win my category.

And come to think of it, the other judges didn’t think so highly of my writing so far, which means I would probably have lost anyway. [sour grapes]

To the fans of “Lotus Cobra is Evil”, it will continue in December after my final exam.

Sorry for all the trouble, and give my blessing to the remaining contestants.

Adrian Ferrer (Sixten)
Seattle, WA

Shooting the moon

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Those of you who read MTG Color Pie, the blog that publishes Lotus Cobra is Evil, know that the administrator, Robby Rothe, is one of the 100 or so still in the running for the Wizards of the Coast Designer Search 2 – a contest whose winner gets an internship in Magic R&D.

As he has said, this is a dream job that he is putting forth his best effort to get, and this contest is something he has been preparing for ever since he was eliminated from the first one.

Game design is like drawing or writing: anyone can do it, and you may think you could do reasonably well at it, but once you try to get a job doing it, you realize just how viciously difficult it is.

I may have graduated from art school, and those who read my blog may think I can draw, but let me tell you what happened during some job interviews. Edit: these interviews happened at least four years ago, and I have gotten better since then, but the weaknesses that were discovered by my interviewers have not disappeared.


May contain trace amounts of siscon

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

(I just realized I don’t have an “anime” category on this blog. How about that?)

As for Yosuga no Sora, the show is trash.

Okay, it’s nice, but it’s still trash.

There are four new J.C.Staff shows running this season: Youkai Maiden Zakuro, Milky Holmes, Bakuman, and Magical Index 2. I should have watched one of them instead.

But instead I watched this trashy show.

I am a frog, but I have learned things from the tanuki.

Let’s go over what we know about Yosuga no Sora from Erogamescape (SUPER OBVIOUSLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK).


Sticking foot in mouth

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Can someone fluent in Japanese please help me read:

Rattie’s first post on Lotus Cobra is Evil
Rattie’s reaction to “Ask Dr. Koth”

I fear I have horribly misread something, and made a fool of myself to a great degree. Such is the challenge the language barrier poses to diplomatic relations.

Expect a post following, asking how to properly apologize if I have offended him.

Edit: Thanks to DesuDesu, I was able to clear this up.


Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Back in 2002, I was at my aunt’s house in Chicago, complaining to my grandmother about having to go back to get another college degree after my art degree and general lack of artistic skill failed to get me a job, or a worker’s visa for that matter.

“Our family used to own lands,” said my grandmother.

I blinked. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“You are the eldest son of my eldest son,” she replied. “Those lands would have been your inheritance.”