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Saturday, March 27th, 2010

About four years back, I was poking around Akiba Angels when I ran into a feature about the Japanese illustrator, Kito. It said:

Creator: Kito
Theme: Cute, Moe, Little Girl
Works: Illustration, CG

Kito’s characters are typical Moe character, which tickles your heart because they are so cute. They look very gentle and how he colors character is very soft. It gives us a moment of peace by looking at his characters.

Now that’s an artist who’s got his priorities straight!


Nechoes have been established

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

The mysterious message mentioned in the previous post was from EFINK (NSFW), founder of the circle ESTABLISH NECHOES (also with NSFW content), which is dedicated to Nekomimi. While I enjoyed reading other people’s speculation as to what his purpose might be in contacting me, I didn’t think he would actually ask me to join his circle or contribute to their next project. My skill level is still too far below the level of actual professionals.

Still not good enough

EFINK’s reason for contacting me was nothing more than to show his appreciation after I blogged about ESTABLISH NECHOES, and after he read Miao Diary. But, you might ask, wasn’t that like a year ago?

Yes, he had wanted to contact me, but couldn’t easily find my email address on this site. Before he could search more, my site got hacked for the second time. The hacker installed malware on my site, and although the site was speedily purged and restored from backups, it was enough to give my site a bad reputation at places like the Web of Trust, causing various safe browsing tools to block my site long after Google had removed it from their blacklist. Unable to get to my site, EFINK gave up on trying to contact me for the time being.


Cirno’s Spellcard

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Over at Walfas (a center of Western Toho fandom) and across the anime-gaming world, fans are celebrating Cirno Day – September 9, 2009. Even among the dozens of cute Toho characters, Cirno stands out as being particularly cute. Her supernatural powers and intelligence are not quite at the level she claims to be at, but where cute makes right, she is by far the strongest.

Cirno’s Tokimeki Freeze Pack

Associated with the number 9, Cirno-based memes are everywhere on this side of the Internet. Loli-specialist artists such as Aki Kareha, Kito, Gayarou, Maki, and more, have all depicted her tooth-rotting cuteness. I certainly am not the first one to be dragged into Toho fandom by this star among videogame lolis.

While I would like to proclaim Cirno’s awesomeness for a full year with a high-budget doujin (co-starring Suwako), I can’t stray too far from my responsibilities to lolikit, and thus my tribute must be of a smaller scale. Toho shooting games are known for spellcards, named sequences in which the bosses fire out beautiful patterns of bullets for you to dodge. The spellcards have fancy names like “Ice Sign: Icicle Fall” (Cirno’s attack, supposedly laughably easy to dodge in easy mode) and “Hax Sign: Burn Everything”.


That’s an idea.


Aki Kareha

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Whether it’s Strike Witches, light music bands, Strawberry Marshmallows, RPG parties, dangerous traps, or Lucky Stars, artist Aki Kareha serves up death by cute (and skinny lolis).

The loveably stupid ice fairy Cirno gives him a 9!


Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Mao Akatsuki, also known as Cotora, gives a clear heads up about the “LOLI, SHOTA, KEMONO” content of his website. And he’s not kidding either. But questionable contents aside, Mao Akatsuki is the illustrator everyone should know when it comes to cute kid characters, with or without animal ears.

Mikan from Wanko to Kurasou

Mao Akatsuki is perhaps best known in the west as the illustrator of Ivory’s Wanko to Kurasou (not to be confused with Cuffs’ Wanko to Lilly, which also features dog-girl heroines). Wanko to Kurasou is a visual novel about a college student named Yuuichi, who adopts an abandoned dog-girl named Mikan, and their relationships with the humans and humanoid pets around them. The game is reasonably highly rated for its story as well as Mao’s artwork.



Friday, June 12th, 2009

Wandaba Style, an anime about a boy scientist who recruits a team of aspiring idol singers to travel to the moon, is largely a waste of time.

But the significance of Wandaba Style is that it is what has introduced the Western world to the artist known as Goto-P. It is unfortunate that a work severely lacking in literary merit would serve as the introduction of such a great artist.

Goto-P is an essential part of a balanced moe diet.

We here in the United States must either check out Clannad Another Story or wait until the translation of Narcissu Side 2nd if we want to experience a story worthy of Goto-P’s artwork.

Narcissu Side 2nd is a visual novel where the player takes on the role of a sickly girl named Setsumi as she comes to terms with her mortality or something.

Name: Setsumi. Gender: Female. Blood type: O. Bracelet color (identification bracelet used by hospitals to mark their patients): Blue. Age: 19 (although the official site also says 15, and that she looks like a middle schooler even at age 22).

Goto-P, and his artbooks such as Nagomi Hiyori, are highly regarded by myself, Stripey, Shin, Samukun, and other bloggers whose tastes in anime girls tend more toward highly underage-looking screen names start with “S”, because of his choice of subject matter. Goto-P depicts nostalgic and carefree scenes with young female child characters, in his own words “wonderful days remembered through all eternity.” His soft coloring style gives his pictures a relaxing feeling.


What are Nechoes?

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

A site calling itself Establish Nechoes (NSFW) has appeared, supporting the establishment of Nechoes everywhere.

But, you may ask, what are Nechoes?

They sell mugs of sleepiness.

They have an artbook called Smart Nekomimics, featuring art from eight professional artists, some of whom are only five or so years ahead of me in terms of skill, but some of whom are so astoundingly good I’ll never reach their level,

such as Rikose (of Denki Shiki)

and puni-puni loli specialist Kito (of Sorahate).

Now, is it clear to everyone what Nechoes are? Good!

I must say, Establish Nechoes is one of the best names for a site since