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Saturday, May 30th, 2009

I was going to write about how Azusa’s true value was in the interactions she enabled with the other cast members, and how she filled a role that was missing in K-On all this time. The fact that she is a guitar-playing loli catgirl is nice, but doesn’t have that much to do with why I like her character so much. I mean, have I ever done anything to suggest I am biased in any way toward lolis, catgirls, or guitar players?


Samu-kun helped me realize that I was lying to myself, and I have stopped saying that my primary reason for liking Azusa is her part in the story. The truth is, I have been squarely targeted and hit by the Azusa Beam of shameless pandering from Kakifly and Kyo-Ani that has disintegrated my anti-moe defenses in the blink of an eye.

The loli catgirl is one of the golden standards of moe – just ask Kito. And guitar-playing loli catgirl takes it one step further. What’s next, guitar-playing tsundere loli catgirl with glasses? K-On might actually make it happen.


Love in Space: Event CG in stages

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Stage 1: Sketch (~1 hour)

Stage 2: Line art (~16 hours)


Lost and Found

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

The eighth episode of K-On is the best yet. More than any previous episode, this shows the potential of this story of a group of girls maturing as friends and bandmates. Set one year after the start of the story, the four girls of the band are in their second year of high school , and their club is trying to recruit freshmen. And they go about the recruitment the way a band should: by playing well and impressing people. Not with silly bowls of rice like their first live show, and not with a cop-out of Yui playing silent guitar on the beach backed by fireworks and an invisible piano.


Sakura Saku

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

An old song, but from a famous series that served as many Western fans’ introduction to the harem genre.

Sakura Saku
Love Hina opening theme
By Megumi Hayashibara

Love in Space: Kaito and Sora’s Journey

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

This is the first scene in the script.

Oh wait, that’s Haruka and Sora’s journey. I’m getting my light-haired little sisters with ribbons and stuffed animals mixed up.


Love in Space: Kaito and Sora Kanzaki

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Here is an introduction of characters in Sunrider: Love in Space. First is Sora Kanzaki, (神崎 空 Kanzaki Sora) the little sister of the male lead Kaito Kanzaki (神崎 偕翔 Kanzaki Kaito).


J.C.Staff Spring Shows (2)

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

This is for the guys hating on First Love Limited because it’s by the author of Strawberry 100%, the anime of which was not so special. And this is for the guys who don’t give Hayate the Combat Butler 2nd Season a chance because they dropped the first season because of its descent into filler land.

Wait, we need one more “Shut up”.



Love in Space: Paperdolls (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

The first order of business in creating art for Love in Space is the character sprites.

The sprites will be wearing various outfits, and will be depicted in various poses and expressions, and thus we have to create multiple layers to swap on and off of a base, like a paperdoll.

However, in order to accommodate outfits like swimsuits, underwear, and bath towels, it is necessary for the paperdoll bases to be wearing a bit less clothing than in the example above. Which is to say, we need to draw the characters naked. It’s only mildly provocative, and certain anatomical details are not drawn. Nevertheless, we cannot escape the fact that we are depicting underage-looking characters (technically, all characters shown are at least 17 years old) with no clothes on.

Not safe for work after the fold.


Aria BGM in A Major

Friday, May 1st, 2009

I got myself some new gear for recording: an M-Audio Fast Track USB interface (which came with a sound recording and mixing program, Ableton Live Lite 6), and a microphone (with stand).

Now here is an instructional video with the acoustic guitar legend from Australia, Tommy Emmanuel. Here he talks about training the thumb to act independently of the other fingers, playing the bass in parallel with the other fingers’ melody.

I would like to demonstrate such a technique, but 1) no way on earth am I going to play even the beginner’s exercise of that without years of training and 2) this is an anime blog, so we have to find an anime song that has that kind of technique, and preferably one within my ability. I actually don’t know the title of this, but if you’ve seen Aria, you’ve heard this track.

Aria BGM in A Major
from Aria the Animation
by Choro Club

You know how most of the characters in Aria the Animation have names that begin with the letter A? You have the main characters Akari, Alice, and Aika, their mentors Alicia, Athena, and Akira, the boys Akatsuki, Woody (Ayanokouji), and Albert, not to mention Ai, Ayano, and more. When I was learning this song, I was like, “Hey, this song is in the key of A. What a coincidence.”