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Sixten’s Perfect Math Class

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

To my cousin, who is in high school and asked me for help with this problem on his homework: Why are you asking me for help with math? I’m an art school graduate. Find the smartest person in your class (usually a quiet girl with glasses and long dark hair) and ask them to help you. Don’t laugh; it works.

Look for a girl like this. Such girls are often mathematical.

Anyway, I think this problem is simple enough so I can help you. Just keep my advice in mind for next time. It’s hard to deliver detailed explanations over the internet from all the way here in Seattle, especially when I’m trying to play Toho. Find someone in Chicago to help you.

(High school level)

Problem 25: A car is driven at a constant velocity of 25 m/s for 10.0 min. The car runs out of gas and the driver walks in the same direction at 1.5m m/s for 20.0 min to the nearest gas station. The driver takes 2.0 min to fill a gasoline can, then walks back to the car at 1.2 m/s and eventually drives home at 25 m/s in the direction opposite that of the original trip.

Draw a v-t graph using seconds as your time unit. Calculate the distance the driver walked to the gas station to find the time it took him to walk back to the car.

(click for larger image)


Patchouli Knowledge

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

The final character with a sprite in the CCY project is the homeroom teacher. When I was brainstorming for ideas, I went to CCY’s site and asked the question: of all the characters he loves, who would he want as his teacher?

The answer was, of course, the girl who graces the top of every page on his site. The Librarian of the Scarlet Devil, the Embodiment of Bookworm Cuteness, Patchouli Knowledge. Yes, “Knowledge” is her last name, which means she’s even smarter than she would be if it was her middle name.

Higher resolution PNG with transparency here.

The cutest girl in the cast, sadly, is not dateable.

Now I can get back to work on backgrounds after what seems to be almost three months. First up is the corridor outside the classrooms.


Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

And here’s DarkMirage, another blogger I don’t read. From what I know he calls out bad fansubbers and teaches a class on elitism, whatever that means in an anime fan context. Anyway, he’s just another side character. Can I get back to Imperishable Night now?

Higher resolution PNG with transparency here.

Also, fixed the saturation on the Os picture.

The origin of the Lotus Cobra

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Ever since the super-powerful, super-rare card Lotus Cobra was revealed, Magic players around the world have been asking a lot of questions. I thought I’d do them all a favor and provide a short comic strip that should answer all those questions.


Sunday, September 20th, 2009

I don’t know who this “Os” person is, I’ve never been to his blog, the description I was given isn’t much, and he isn’t female so I can’t use “Art Sign: Instant Inspiration Easy” to come up with an appealing design. He teaches some class in the school. I think it was some class about Aya Hirano. Sorry, not interested. Maybe if it was Rie Kugimiya.

So yeah, the design is totally bland, but it could have been worse. lolikit had said that Os, IKnight, and DarkMirage would all have the same copypasted body, and I would just change the head. Drawing three different people is more differentiation than what was planned in the first place, so be thankful.

Higher resolution PNG with transparency here.

After having to go to the office for a full day yesterday, my eyes are starting to hurt. I’m going to just not look at glowing screens for the rest of the day.


Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Now here’s a surprise: lolikit has not only asked me to draw the backgrounds and the male cast, but a few side female characters as well. First up is the school nurse. The only specification I was given is “Needs cheesy, sexy nurse outfit.” Now as a student of the Kareha school of design, I’m not too good at sexy. But I’ll give it my best shot. And I can certainly do cheesy. It doesn’t get much cheesier than this, people:

Higher resolution PNG with transparency here.

I name her… Erin.

Try to guess which character she’s based on, then click here to see if you guessed right.

Wait till you see what the homeroom teacher looks like.


Sunday, September 13th, 2009

I don’t think I’ve encountered this character at all in lolikit’s game, but I was introduced to the person he was based on, Daniel of Animanachronism, back when I was helping Owen with his Magic-based project.

Higher resolution PNG with transparency here.

Because of Owen’s grungy appearance and fierce temper, he doesn’t have many friends. His girlfriend Omo is one of the few, as is Daniel I. Knight. Like Owen, IKnight is an elite intellectual. Unlike Owen, IKnight actually looks the part. He is elegant and gentlemanly, and speaks as though he came from Britain, although in this alternate universe, it’s like they’re in outer space, where there’s no Britain.


Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Now we’re getting into the realm of bloggers I know nothing about. This is Mike, and I haven’t seen him do much of anything in the story. I don’t think I’ve even read this guy’s blog.

Higher resolution PNG with transparency here.

lolikit had specified for him to look like a perpetually smiling version of Yuta (Takemoto) from Honey and Clover. I picked the later Yuta’s hairstyle and darkened it. He sort of ended up looking like Itsuki from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Cirno’s Spellcard

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Over at Walfas (a center of Western Toho fandom) and across the anime-gaming world, fans are celebrating Cirno Day – September 9, 2009. Even among the dozens of cute Toho characters, Cirno stands out as being particularly cute. Her supernatural powers and intelligence are not quite at the level she claims to be at, but where cute makes right, she is by far the strongest.

Cirno’s Tokimeki Freeze Pack

Associated with the number 9, Cirno-based memes are everywhere on this side of the Internet. Loli-specialist artists such as Aki Kareha, Kito, Gayarou, Maki, and more, have all depicted her tooth-rotting cuteness. I certainly am not the first one to be dragged into Toho fandom by this star among videogame lolis.

While I would like to proclaim Cirno’s awesomeness for a full year with a high-budget doujin (co-starring Suwako), I can’t stray too far from my responsibilities to lolikit, and thus my tribute must be of a smaller scale. Toho shooting games are known for spellcards, named sequences in which the bosses fire out beautiful patterns of bullets for you to dodge. The spellcards have fancy names like “Ice Sign: Icicle Fall” (Cirno’s attack, supposedly laughably easy to dodge in easy mode) and “Hax Sign: Burn Everything”.


That’s an idea.


The real Jason Miao

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Before we begin, let me make one thing clear:


I am simply being paid to draw him inaccurately in the CCY project. Understood? Just to make sure, here’s an illustration from the great loli specialist illustrator and Toho fan, Kito:

I hope this is enough explanation for everyone. The picture of Jason I am about to show you is in no way accurate and is only how he is depicted in lolikit’s game.