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Autumn Children (Take 1) – Pages 10-11

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Unfortunately, only two pages this time. The pages are higher in detail than anything from Fairy Ring and tend to have more characters per page (compare this, for example) so I expect them to take longer, but one page a week is too slow. I’ll try to do better next time.

I’ve heard a theory that Lunasa was named after the Japanese rock band Luna Sea, but I think my theory is better. The band Lunasa is named after an Irish harvest festival, making Irish Lunasa also an “autumn child”.

Page 10
Page 11

Next update: September 03.

Autumn Children (Take 1) – Pages 1-9

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

As some of you may have guessed, Guns and Roses was intended to be a Game of Thrones-inspired story about a war between noble families with a Youmu x Reisen romance in the middle.

But during the fourth rewrite of the script, I found it growing too long to do in a reasonable time, and found it difficult to close some of the plot holes. I realized then that I was not a good enough writer to achieve my intentions.

To Sam and Leo, I apologize for not giving you the Youmu x Reisen you were so eagerly anticipating. I am burnt out on brainstorming Youmu x Reisen right now, but I will try again next year, with a different and simpler theme, and hopefully I will be able to finish.

For this year, however, I have decided to do something random.

Muffin’s Random Touhou Pairing Generator

And you thought your pairings were crack.


Autumn Children

The title comes from the traditional Irish song Autumn Child, also known as The Beauties of Autumn. Listen to the song here. If anyone ever wondered what would happen if I focused on big-sister characters instead of the usual lolis, you can stop wondering. Let’s go!


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Page 09

To be continued on August 20.

Screentones from Comic Genesis.