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Use Your Illusion – Page 01

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

I only got one page done this week. Sorry.

Jemil’s Big Easy

Fairy Ring takes place around Fairy Lake, Montana.

Autumn Children takes place in Derrymore Woods, County Armagh, Northern Ireland.

Use Your Illusion takes place in downtown Seattle, where Youmu is an assistant cook at Misty’s Big Easy and Reisen works at the pharmacy at Harborview Medical Center.

Page 01

Slash Panther

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

Many years ago, I was an Assistant Ward Mission Leader and holder of the priesthood in the Mormon Church.

As such, I believed that marriage was required to be between a man and a woman, even if people have no say in what their sexual orientation is. Even if homosexuals were still welcome in the church, yielding to same-sex attraction was considered a sin (see official stance here).

Even if I am no longer a Mormon (when I sold my soul to J.C.Staff I renounced all religions), it took a while for me to be okay with the idea of same-sex romance and marriage.


Use Your Illusion

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

So Leo Modesto, the Youmu x Reisen champion of the west, has put out a book and you should buy one. I did – even if I’m also getting an autographed copy directly from the artist.

Leo has also been prodding me to get started on you know what.

So let’s do this.

My new fanbook, Use Your Illusion, starts next week.

Full size

Hopefully, this works out better than the last time I tried this pairing (which ended with me throwing out the script and rolling the dice on Autumn Children). And unlike my previous doujins hopefully the romance stays in the script until the final draft.

It is a rule on pixiv that all Youmu x Reisen pairings have to be moderated by Sanae, and the goddess of miracles does play a major role in the script, though not in the way you would think. I borrow a lot of ideas from the trailblazing works of Soichiro Hoshino (aka Souin Kuhou), although I have toned down the fanservice.

Any resemblance to the Guns N’ Roses two-part album Use Your Illusion are completely coincidental.

Really Quick Super Bowl Picture

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Ravens LB retires as a two-time champion.
Ravens QB gets a nice new contract.

PS. I’m actually a Packers fan.