Nissa Double Feature!

So Nissa Revane, one of the two new Planeswalkers in the Magic the Gathering universe, is disliked by players for being weak in Sealed, being extremely narrow in her focus, being a tribal card in a format where her tribe just lost a lot of power, and, most importantly, having an unheard-of starting loyalty of 2. Compared to other female Planeswalkers Elspeth(4), Chandra(5, 6 in the core set), and Liliana(5), 2 is ridiculously small.

But as we learned from Lucky Star, what some people see as weak points, others see as moe points. Here at H.C.Staff, we’ve always held the belief that being weak like Matsuri or slow-witted like Cirno can be cute if done correctly, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with small.

Read on for two new four-panel comic strips featuring the weakest Planeswalker of them all.

6 Responses to “Nissa Double Feature!”

  1. Samukun says:

    By Belldandy, JC Staff should hire you to make the story boards for the Magic anime series once they license it…

    Ai Nonaka would be a shoo in to voice Nissa in the anime.

  2. renpytom says:

    I so want a Nissa-chan deckbox, to go with the new version of my Elven Relations deck. (I’ll be adding at least 2xNissa and 4xNissa’s Chosen to it.)

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  5. Skribulous says:

    Interesting thing about the Sorin-as-jRPG-bishie-baddie observation…

    This couldn’t be a total coincidence, right? 🙂

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