Scientific Railgun 04

I didn’t realize how badly I wanted to watch this episode until I was done watching it. And then I watched it again. Remember how I said before that the author had taken Railgun as an opportunity to fix Index and Touma was the most significant fix? There was nothing I wanted to see more in Railgun than the rewritten Touma, and the changes in the anime adaptation made his debut even better than I had hoped.

The opening foreshadowing with the urban legends killed three birds with one stone. It foreshadowed the lady scientist who will play a big role later, as well as Touma and his ability to break any supernatural power. The three urban legends were laughed off by the disbelieving Kuroko, but once the lady scientist’s clothing challenges and Touma’s Imagine Breaker turned out to be more real than expected, what does this tell you about the third legend?

Dengeki Daioh featuring Shana! Anime also from J.C.Staff.

To see how much of an improvement Railgun is over Index, watch Touma’s first encounter with Mikoto in episode 1 of Index, then follow it up with this. The rewritten scene contains less explanation but, by presenting events differently, manages to capture Touma’s heroics and Mikoto’s frustration better. It’s as if the author came back after three years and decided to fix things. Oh wait, that’s exactly what happened.

Introducing the lady scientist earlier allows a demonstration of both Touma’s bad luck (better than the ATM scene from the manga) and a chance for someone to point out to Mikoto that she’s tsundere for Touma. Best joke in the series so far.

Tsundere Mikoto. You know you love it.

Touma’s fight with Mikoto was exactly as depicted in the manga right up to the resolution. It was awesome seeing the animation of Mikoto’s creative use of her powers. No drop in animation quality after the first episode so far.

Of course, there’s no way a girl who relies on her supernatural power can beat a boy who can negate any supernatural power. And while we see that Touma is frightened by Mikoto’s powers, we see also Mikoto’s “What on earth is this guy? How is this even possible?” reaction. Unlike in Index when we knew how limited Touma’s power was, from Mikoto’s point of view Touma seems to be mysterious, frustrating, and somehow attractive.

The meaning of this single line will become clearer once you see the episode.

Scientific Railgun 04 is the best episode yet of the best series this season. And it’s all because of the one significant boy in a girl-dominated moe fantasy show. A boy who people originally disliked in the series where he was the lead. Now this is how you do a spinoff. I see now that there was no need for me to write an Index doujin that fixed the story. The original author, with help from the best anime studio on earth, took care of that for me.

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  1. Crex says:

    Still haven’t watch it yet. But gotta agree with you Sixten that JC Staff is the best anime studio on earth!

  2. Bill says:

    Railgun was actually written by a different person, so we can’t credit the original author for the improvements here.

    OTOH, the original author wrote the Index manga, which apparently suffers from the same problems as the novel and anime (although he cut the Himegami arc, which everyone hates). I haven’t read it myself, but others describe it as being too much like a wordy, badly paced novel.

  3. Sixten says:

    @Bill: What are you talking about? The wiki, the offical site, and the OneManga entry list Kazuma Kamachi, the Index novel author, as the author of the Railgun manga. Is there a ghost author using his name?

  4. meh says:

    Actually, Touma is not really rewritten in the anime/manga of Railgun. He just has less air time in this series The first “actual” fight between Touma and Misaka happened before Index started (SPOILER: if the anime follows the manga, Touma will once again make a cameo appearance, in which Misaka will challenge her again, episode 2 of Index if I’m not mistaken) which probably hints that the anime will not much deviate from the story itself. Not to mention, retain Touma’s character (which people describe as an annoying preacher)

    To be honest, I kinda like his preaching style, he’s not some annoying preacher that will try to force someone to change their beliefs (but he does try to make a “point”, with his Imagine Breaker lol). SPOILER: Not to mention he’s a bit more logical after he lost his memories

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