The return of Fuko Nissa

Magic the Gathering player and translator of Toho doujins, DesuDesu (NSFW), has requested “moar moe moe Fuko Nissa”. Really, I don’t see why not. Nissa is the most popular character in Lotus Cobra is Evil.

When I was planning the overarching story for LCIE, I intended to have Nissa lose to Sorin, and then Sorin would lose to Garruk. But after it was determined that Nissa was not as much of a scrub as her small starting loyalty indicates, I changed it so Sorin would lose to Nissa, and Nissa would lose to Extended Faeries. Of all the tribes in Lorwyn block, the fairies were undisputably the strongest.

Anyway, the time that Sorin and Nissa spend in the peaceful farming life should allow them to settle their differences in time for their eventual team-up in Rise of the Eldrazi.

7 Responses to “The return of Fuko Nissa”

  1. omo says:

    LOL swords to plowshare guy lol

  2. Skribulous says:

    So I take it Soren lost to Kalitas (from the previous strip)? He really is turning out to be some bad guy (anti-hero) from a Japanese role-playing game. 🙂

  3. desudesu says:

    awww, I didn’t know I have such powerful influence on a fellow talented Magic player.

    I love you forever for your moe moe Nissa (っ´ω`)っ

  4. Somatic says:

    LOL, first time hitting on this site. You draw nice comic strips, its nice to find that Magic can be so ‘Moefied’

  5. Grayseeroly says:

    I’m fairly seriosu about magic as a game, and i like Nissa’s raw power. Then i read this cartoon and its like…. CUTE!!!!

  6. lolikitsune says:

    So I was playing Zendikar two days ago, and someone played Nissa against me, so I swung at her with some weird landfall[+2/+2] flying eel, and then she was gone. That game was an easy win…

  7. Anon says:

    These strips are awesome. :3

    Any plans to draw Fuko Nissa with the face stuff she has on?

    Also, what happened to the Bloodchief?

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