Technically, my condominium homeowner’s association prohibits fireworks on New Year’s.

Fortunately, fake fireworks are fine.

Going from Stage 3 to Stage 4 of Imperishable Night is supposedly when the difficulty (at least for beginners on Normal mode) goes from “hard” to “I hope you like pain”. This run of Stage 4 is not perfect, but I’m more proud of this than my Stage 3 perfect clear. Although I know this is a small feat by the standards of those who can play on Lunatic mode, it’s still an achievement unlocked by many hours of practice.

Approaching 300 tries on Stage 4 as Sakuya and Remilia and still not consistently getting past Reimu, I gave up and decided to play as Reimu instead. This helped me realize why Reimu is the main character and why her partner, Yukari, is considered the most powerful being in Gensokyo. The smaller hitbox, the longer reaction time to prevent damage with a spell whenever you get hit, the homing attacks, and the spells that wipe the screen clean (unlike Sakuya’s) just make life so much easier. Add that to the fact that when you’re Reimu, you don’t have to fight Reimu in stage 4 and instead fight the less stressful Marisa (in my opinion), I could consistently clear this stage with little or no life loss after only 350 practice runs.

Next is Stage 5. It’s rabbit season.

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  1. Frein says:

    Master Spark. When Falcon Punch just isn’t enough.

    Reimu/Yukari is by far the easiest team to play as IMO. It’s easy to get used to the long death bombing window that team enjoys, though, and then get wrecked in the other, less generous, games. That might be why Imperishable Night is the only Touhou game where I’ve had any significant success in the Extra Stage.

  2. Sixten says:

    Yeah, I got the feeling Reimu/Yukari was powerful as soon as Wriggle’s Last Spell went from “possible but frustrating” (playing as Sakuya/Remilia) to “trivially simple”.

    As for the deathbomb window, I do aim to bomb before getting hit whenever possible, as shown in the video above, so that deathbombing is unnecessary. However, accidents do happen a lot, and I’m sure I’ll miss the long reaction time when I move to a different game (although the only other Toho games I have are Scarlet Weather Rhapsody + expansion and Phantasmagoria of Flower View.)

  3. Frein says:

    Definitely check out Subterranean Animism for the most epic stage 6 boss ever and Unidefined Fantastic Object for hands down the best stage 6 BGM. These are both more difficult than Imperishable Night (except the optional Last Words), especially SA, which is the hardest one I’ve played.

  4. Sixten says:

    I think it’s too early for me to be thinking of Stage 6 (and of a harder game at that).

  5. Frein says:

    Well, since you beat Marisa with full lives, I figured you have to be very close to the skill level required to beat Eirin/Kaguya. The game doesn’t get much more difficult from stage 4 until the final boss.

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