Rabbit season

Stage 5 was easier than Stage 4. It was still viciously hard and required over 250 tries before I achieved consistent no-life-loss clears, but that’s less than the 350 it took on Stage 4. Also, I expended fewer of my spells on average on Stage 5 and could actually capture the bonus last spell if I got lucky, unlike Final Spark which I could never capture in all those runs. Maybe there is some truth to the rumors of the bunnies only being good for their sex appeal.

Here’s me clearing Stage 5 using one spell and taking no hits except from the bonus Last Spell that doesn’t reduce your life.

Of course, when I’m not in practice mode and running through the game starting with Stage 1, my clears aren’t quite as pretty, but I still manage to start the final stage with 4 life and a couple spells left. I die to Erin almost instantly, but I’m guessing a few hundred practice runs should increase my survival rate.

Just one stage left. Beating a Toho game (admittedly, the easiest of the Toho games) on Normal without continues doesn’t seem so far-fetched anymore.

Onward! Erin awaits!

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  1. Frein says:

    You used a rather interesting method to beat Reisen’s last normal spell card. It never even occurred to me to jump over the waves when they phase out and I always did it by just steering through the gaps as it isn’t too difficult.

    In any case, your learning curve for these games seems really strange. I haven’t even faced many of the Last Spells because I can’t consistently get my time counter high enough, yet it doesn’t seem to be a problem for you. However, it never took me even close to that many tries to beat the game on normal. I’m pretty sure my total normal attempts at all the Touhou games combined are less than 200, possibly less than 100, even. My lack of practice shows, though, as nowadays I’m nowhere near my peak, which was when I was working on IN extra stage and spell practice, and my latest normal difficulty run actually ended in failure to beat the last stage.

  2. Sixten says:

    @Frein: Two questions:

    1) Is your capture rate for Milky Way, Marisa’s first spellcard on Normal, better than 80/400?

    2) Can you 1-credit-clear Phantasmagoria of Flower View story mode on Normal, playing as Cirno?

    The reason I am asking this is because my reflexes, coordination, and reaction time are extremely poor. I can only get as far as I can in Toho games because I try again and again until I have memorized the crap out of each stage.

    For example, I have a script for Marisa’s first attack pattern that goes “Dodge to the right between the red and green stars, then tight dodge right between the yellow and blue stars, move right in small increments until the red star appears above you, then dodge left, then the stars become spread out enough that you can dodge them without a script.” For Tewi, I have a script that adapts whether she moves left or right after she fires off her first circle of bullets.

    High-randomness spellcards like Milky Way, and a game like Phantasmagoria of Flower View, which is much more random than other Toho games, utterly destroy me because I cannot memorize them. I bomb out of Milky Way 4/5 times, and get hit by Shikieiki’s Danmaku Judgment every time it goes off when my meter is uncharged.

  3. Frein says:

    1) Today? Probably not. I’ve only played one game of IN in the last few months and even though I think I did capture it, I feel like it can be tricky enough to get me quite often. When projectiles come from multiple directions simultaneously, it becomes hard to track them all. Perhaps it’s different for other people but I’ve always found that kind of patterns to be especially tough. Back in my peak I probably did have an 80%+ capture rate on that one, though.

    2) I haven’t played enough of that to remember much of anything about it. I do remember playing it as Reisen but I can’t remember if I cleared the whole thing or not.

    Your use of memorization is pretty much the opposite of me. I always try to just wing it unless the pattern is really overwhelming. Keine Kamishirawa, who appears as the extra stage mid boss, has a couple really nasty ones I had to memorize in order to beat (though she still often got me even after I had learned it). I don’t really have the patience to do much of that, though, and easily get discouraged from continuing when facing patterns that are too challenging for free styling.

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