Ravnica: City of Guilds

Back before I made a stab at a Magical Index doujin, I was working on a side project called “MoeMoe Ravnica” in between chapters of Miao Diary. This was supposed to be a project in which I designed moe personifications of the Ravnica Guilds of Magic the Gathering.

However, since then the friend who I was doing this project changed the specs and requested a general increase in character age and general decrease in cuteness, aiming for something more along the lines of Toward the Terra or Fate Stay Night. Though those shows are not without moe (quite the opposite, in fact) a male lead who looked as though he was 12 years old was no longer going to cut it.

(Click for larger image)

From left to right: Rakdos Augermage, [Savra, Queen of the Golgari], Izzet Chronarch, Selesnya Evangel, Azorius Aethermage

Yeah, the names “MoeMoe Ravnica”, “Izzet-kun” and so on are obsolete now.

Savra may be the queen, but the true powers behind the Golgari are the Sisters of Stone Death, who are Gorgons like Medusa from Greek mythology. The Sisters have hair that is made of snakes, and Savra’s hairstyle is intentionally similar.

I know he doesn’t look like the character in the middle position of my drawing, but this guy is supposed to be the male lead of a Fate Stay Night – type story, so he has to not be an old man (and not a 12-year-old child either).

While I decide on my next long-term project, I’ll be making more detailed model sheets for each of these five characters.

4 Responses to “Ravnica: City of Guilds”

  1. Samu-kun says:

    Honestly, I liked your old pictures better. But alas, if that is what the author desires, then there’s nothing we can do about it. In the anime age system though, those characters all look like they could be the original main character’s parents.

  2. yaho says:

    I actually really like the redesigns; a change of pace is always good to prevent your art from stagnating : D

  3. tidal says:

    selesNYA evangel got turned into…Nagisa?

    either ways pretty good work, guess a more mature art style would fit magic better.

  4. Sixten says:

    If you remember one of the old pictures, Selesnya was originally a 15-year-old catgirl maid who read stories to the blind Azorius. But in this incarnation, there can be no obvious moe modes.

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