Unlocked achievement “Imperishable Night Normal 1CC”

Yes, a person with pathetic reflexes and slow reaction time, who has never beaten a scrolling shooter game in his life, can beat Imperishable Night on normal without continues if he just practices a thousand times or so. If I can do it, anyone can!

VICTORY IS MINE. I can now play extra stage.

I think the 7 damage is 2 from Marisa, and 5 from the final stage. Captured Last Spells on stage 1, 3, and 5. I had to embarrassingly bomb out once each against Mystia and Keine because of carelessness, but that’s better than taking damage.

My starting extra life was 2.

P.S. Unless you count Kaguya’s optional Impossible Requests, Erin is harder than Kaguya. It’s not even close. I cleared Kaguya’s stage without continues the first time I got there.

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  1. Frein says:


    You found Eirin to be harder than Kaguya? I have to again say it’s been really long since I fought Kaguya and even longer since I fought Eirin, but I remember Kaguya being much harder. Perhaps it’s just because I had already practiced Eirin on easy mode before even meeting Kaguya.

    Now if you can capture Hourai Elixir you can really pat yourself on the back. I tried that one many, many times and managed to actually get the clock down to 0 seconds, twice even, I think, but always died in the last second.

  2. Shance says:


  3. sage says:

    Weak. Imperisable Night is the easiest one of the bunch, and it’s the only one I have 1cc’d. Also, yeah, Kaguya is a joke.

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