Overthrow Crow (or not)

So, curious as to what made the other Toho games harder than Imperishable Night, I started on Mountain of Faith.

Stage 1: Shizuha and Minoriko? Perfect clear on the second try.

Stage 2: Hina? Fifth try.

Stage 3: Nitori? Tenth try. I struggled a lot more with Teacher Keine.

Stage 4: Momiji and Aya?

Yeah, that’s where it gets absurd.

Many of the non-boss enemy attacks are unmemorizable.

Momiji shows up at the worst possible moment (although Reimu’s homing shot goes a long way toward eliminating this problem).

Most of Aya’s spellcards are also unmemorizable. You can’t write a script, you can only react.

There is essentially no deathbomb window.

Whenever you bomb, your attack power goes down.

Although I was able to get to Stage 5 and the legendary good girl in under 50 tries, Stage 4 is pretty much impossible for me to perfect. Just like Daiyousei, I can’t overthrow the crow.

P.S. My capture rate for Milky Way (Marisa’s first spellcard in Normal in Imperishable Night) has gone up to 70% after practicing this stage.

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  1. Frein says:

    I don’t think MoF is very well known for its general difficulty, but by how tough Kanako is on easy and normal modes. Miracle of Otensui is a beastly beating even on easy mode and Moutain of Faith gets pretty ridiculous as it speeds up towards the end.

  2. Regor says:

    Nice to see you improving your skills with a real touhou game. Beating Imperishable Night doesn’t count since it lacks hard bosses. =P

    Just kidding. Mountain of faith is a nice game. Harder bosses and lack of safety nets. I believe in you are skilled enough to be able to beat it.

  3. ETERNAL says:

    I used to think that I was good at Touhou, but MoF beat that out of me. Aya and Kanako are the reasons why I hope to never, ever try to beat it on Lunatic again.

  4. Sixten says:

    @Frein: So would you say Mountain of Faith is the next easiest in the series after Imperishable Night?

    @Regor: Imperishable Night had Reimu, who was so hard the only way I could get past her consistently was to play as Reimu and fight Marisa instead.

    @ETERNAL: If you can get to Kanako on Lunatic, no one can say you are bad at these games.

  5. Sixten says:

    Update: Got to Kanako for the first time without continues today. I no-damage-cleared stages 1 through 4, beat Sanae (who seems weaker and more learnable than Aya), then got annihilated by the move where Kanako attaches the poles to her back and fires twin triangular spreads. I don’t think it was even a spellcard.

  6. Samukun says:

    Wait ’till you try Subterranean Animism…

  7. Frein says:


    I don’t know if I’d call MoF the second easiest, especially considering I’ve not played PCB. It’s definitely quite a bit easier than SA, at least.

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