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Remember when I learned about the Dengeki Maoh Magic manga? Well, now there’s more!

First off, Skribulous alerted me to an article from Game Japan, commenting that comic version Sorin does actually look like a Japanese RPG villain. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. The stereotypical white-haired Japanese RPG villain is used often because, admittedly, it looks cool, and Magic’s first vampire planeswalker definitely needed to have a quickly recognizable coolness (even if he suffers Charisma Break every now and then).

Then, Waterfallen and Illusice both told me that Lotus Cobra is Evil had been featured on the official Magic site’s Community Spotlight, alongside the excellent and much longer-running Pro MTG Online.

Finally, Pizzaman of the MTG Salvation Forums, who lives in Japan, found some more news of the Dengeki Maoh comic. On the forums they speculate that it’s based on The Purifying Fire by Laura Resnick, and Dengeki’s site gives the title 燃え尽きぬ炎, which I think means “Fire that does not burn out” and is read “Moetsukinu Honou”. But the characters on the Dengeki site don’t seem to match the characters in The Purifying Fire, and so it might be very loosely adapted or not based on the novel at all.

Chandra uses Red magic, which is of course the color of chaos, fire, and general burnination.

Samil is an Elf, and uses Green magic, which is the color of nature, abundance, and summoning. Samil is said to be much older than he looks, which is par for the course for both Magic the Gathering Elves and anime characters.

Elf druid sisters Aya and Saya (how’s that for fantasy names?) also use Green magic, and have “We’re manga-original characters who appeal to Dengeki Comics’ typical readers and increase the chance of a J.C.Staff adaptation” written all over them. If I was writing a Magic comic and Wizards of the Coast told me I couldn’t use Fuko Nissa, I would certainly introduce characters like these.

I granted the Dengeki manga the Frog of Approval back when I first heard of it, and I certainly am not reconsidering at this point.

(Sixten has been a registered Green wizard since 1999)

3 Responses to “Magic Comics News”

  1. Samukun says:

    Wow, that’s great news. Congratulations.

  2. Skribulous says:

    Oh gods, those twins… critical hitting several moe points all at once. Not fair, Japan, not fair at all. ;_;

    (Are you sure you’re not telling us something, Sixten? Their character designs look like something you’d draw up…)

    I’m now more interested on how they’ll interpret Gideon’s character (you know, white planeswalker guy whom Chandra is tsundere for, and is slated to appear in Rise of the Eldrazi set) filtered through the Japanese aesthetic.

  3. Waterfallen says:

    Hi there,

    Maybe you should apply to be the charactern designer for the Magic: the Gathering manga. Sent them your Alara ARIA parody comic.

    Oh, though you might like this;


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