Purifying Fire manga has begun!

The Dengeki adaptation of Laura Resnick’s novel The Purifying Fire has begun its serialization in Dengeki Maoh, under the title 燃え尽きぬ炎 (Moetsukinu Honou, I think).

Samukun, who is studying in Japan at this time, has acquired a copy of the latest Dengeki Maoh, and it comes with a foil Cunning Sparkmage, which is not only a card that has proven its worth in Luis Scott Vargas’s deck in the recent Pro Tour San Diego, but is extremely appropriate for a magazine named 電撃魔王 (Dengeki Maoh, Electric Shock Overlord (literally, devil king)).

By Yoshino Himori

Once there was a flame-wielding red mage, a planeswalker who could travel across the multiverse. Her name was Chandra Nalaar.

“Shall I show you the fire in my heart?”

Check out the online preview today!

If this does well and we get a J.C.Staff Magic the Gathering anime my existence in this world will be validated.

8 Responses to “Purifying Fire manga has begun!”

  1. Kojiroh Sakaki says:

    I’ve bought mine yesterday as well. the comic looks promising, and I’m gonna keep buying the magazine for it, which I haven’t done for a couple of decades(buying a whole comic magazine just to read one comic from it).

    it’s not just a fantasy comic with Magic characters in it. Chandra uses Incinerate on Ghost wardens, which are spells and creatures from the game, so I expect more elements that appear in the game will be mentioned in the comic as well.

    oh, and the author’s name is Yoshino Himori. I know, reading chinese characters in japanese are always confusing.

  2. Samukun says:

    Yeah, that looks like the Magic manga all right. Good to see that you found a preview site.

  3. Sixten says:

    @Kojiro Thanks. Fixed the name. I was using the translation from the Baka-Updates; I didn’t actually know what the real reading was.

  4. Frein says:

    It looks decent, though something about Chandra’s design rubs me the wrong way. I think it’s the massive forehead.

  5. Dio says:

    Was it the March or April issue that comes with Cunning Sparkmage? How do I get a subscription?

  6. Skribulous says:

    It’s out, by the way: http://twitpic.com/168rhj

    I wonder how long until we see scanslations of this. (Time for me to go check my local hobby shop if they carry imports…)

  7. Urza Saga follower says:

    when it will come finaly online?, i luve that pyromancer :3

  8. aeriolewinters says:

    “If this does well and we get a J.C.Staff Magic the Gathering anime my existence in this world will be validated.”

    -Only if she’s played by Kugimiya Rie

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