Last assignment of the quarter

One final assignment stands between me and spring break.

I have to turn this…

into this:

Of course, it’s just going to be HTML, CSS, and Javascript; it’s not going to preserve state using a database or anything. The class is only to design the interface. You can view a subset of the project here. Note how the interface has changed thanks to user testing.

Because of time constraints, the fourth and final colloquium lecture I had to do a report on ended up not being “Tohofied” and I won’t show it here because it’s boring without Marisa stealing precious things and stuff. Although I must say the “Toho Computer Science Lecture Series” ended up being surprisingly well received despite the super-high nerd level of the content, and I’m glad I put in the extra effort. Rule 34 of Danbooru goes, “If it exists, there is Toho of it”, and it’s the fan’s duty to uphold that rule whenever the opportunity presents itself.

After our final presentation on March 10, I will have survived the first quarter of part-time grad school. I will have two weeks in which I can go draw Toho fanart without having to relate it to my classes. All right!

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  1. Skribulous says:

    Good luck.

  2. Samukun says:

    Does this mean that we’ll finally get to see a Cirno x Suwako doujinshi from you?

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