Wishful Thinking: Mono-Green Cards I Want to See in Rise of the Eldrazi

My friends in my Magic the Gathering playgroup know I like my cards green and dumb. And powerful green cards have been present for as long as I have been playing. But more often than not, a deck that is all green is not top-tier competitive. The current best mono-green deck in Standard involves Eldrazi Monument and token generators and it is powerful, but not at the same tier as Jund or the other top decks. The current best way to play green is in conjunction with other colors, and the current best green cards have a second color, such as Bloodbraid Elf (green/red), Maelstrom Pulse (green/black), Putrid Leech (green/black), and Sprouting Thrinax (green/black/red). Come to think of it, those are all Jund cards. Dammit, Jund.

So anyway, with the release of the new set, “Rise of the Eldrazi”, looming on the horizon, people are wondering whether it will contain cards that will give other decks tools to fight against Jund. I really only care about what mono-green gets, so here’s some cards I would like to see. Note that these cards are not real and will probably never be, and despite my attempts to balance them are probably overpowered like Yukari’s gap hax.


Mana ramp that doesn’t hurt your tempo

Sure, it only gets basic forests, but it ramps like a superstar, and after casting it you have just as much mana at your disposal as you had before.


A card drawing spell that doesn’t suck

When was the last time your opponent cast Bloodbraid Elf into Blightning and you smiled?


A black hoser that makes Devout Lightcaster look weak

This thing swats Vampire Nighthawk and Malakir Bloodwitch, stops Sphinx of the Steel Wind in its tracks, and comes back after Gatekeeper of Malakir. A black deck can still solve this or exile it preemptively, but all the traditional answers fail.


The ultimate sadistic creature

The idea was to make a creature that could stand up to an active Annihilator. There are very, very few answers to a resolved Master of the Four Seasons.

9 Responses to “Wishful Thinking: Mono-Green Cards I Want to See in Rise of the Eldrazi”

  1. Frein says:

    Harmonic Elemental seems like a rare to me. Uncommons are never that complex.

    Blight Queller and Miss Yuka here are pretty broken. Queller single-handedly kills off both Jund and Vampires as soon as it hits the board.

    Indestructible + Shroud = impossible to remove in current standard. Couple that with an effect that wins the game very quickly and you pretty much have card that says:

    5GGG – Sorcery
    You win the game.

    I don’t know if you played competitively during LOR-ALA standard but Mono Green Treefolk was a beastly deck back then as it had almost impossible to lose matchups against both Jund and RB and was slightly favoured against 5 Colour Control and Faeries. Eventually UW Merfolk became popular and rained on my parade, but it was good while it lasted.

  2. Sixten says:

    Blight Queller is a hoser of such hoserness not seen since the ancient times, but Jund and Vampires still do have answers to it. Jund can burn it down with Burst Lightning or Siege-Gang Commander and clean out the graveyard with Jund Charm or Thought Hemorrhage. And Vampires can force sacrifice with Gatekeeper of Malakir and follow with Ravenous Trap or Bojuka Bog, or exile it preemptively with Sadistic Sacrament. About time they were on the receiving end of a 2-for-1, don’t you think?

    There might even be a colorless exile spell in Rise of the Eldrazi.

    As for Yuka, yeah, she’s broken. No question.

    Funny you should mention treefolk, as I was playing a casual mono-green treefolk deck against an incomplete Jund deck last night (and lost, but such happens when casual fights competitive). Could you share the competitive decklist you used?

  3. DoubleH says:

    Guerrilla Tactics and Mangara’s Blessing both have similar forced discard abilities like Harmonic elemental and are both uncommon, even if they have a body and a key worded ability.

    Honestly, I think it’s comparable to evoke elementals like Nevermaker and Shriekmaw who have and at least on par with Storm Elemental from the good old days.

    Adding a body and another ability to go with may make it more likely to be a rare but I don’t think it’s too complex to be an uncommon. Might be too AWESOME to be an uncommon, though.

    I think that Brood Seeding’d probably be a sorcery though: Crop Rotation and Harrow are the only instant speed land fetchers that put them into play and both require sacrifices.

  4. jbrennan says:

    Some of these cards are even broken in Legacy, and that’s saying something.

    I don’t play Standard at all (and haven’t been even remotely interested in doing so since Ravffinity ended my childhood), but any card that’s easily accessible and which *requires* a two-for-one to answer is ridiculous. Queller may not be easy, but as it is Wizards stopped printing powerful color hosers because they would give too many disincentives to play the hosed colors. Yuka is so beyond broken that it might actually be the new Tarmogoyf if ever it were to see print in that form (just imagining getting this with Natural Order on turn three makes me drool).

    The uncommon is nice, though. 5 life is a little steep, but the rest of it seems okay.

  5. Frein says:

    Well yeah, if the stars align correctly and Jund happens to have Burst Lightning (good lists don’t) or SSG (not all do) and a Jund Charm, which may or may not do anything against the rest of your deck, sure, they may be able to get rid of one. Double Lightning Bolt also works. Thought Hemorrhage doesn’t appear in all sideboards and when it does, it’s usually a 2-of at most and it costs as much mana, so unless you’re on the play, you can’t play it in time.

    Vampires have no reason to play Sadistic Sacrament (this card does nothing), Ravenous Trap (this is a Dredge hoser for extended and has no standard application) or Bojuka Bog (hurts Tendrils and Mind Sludge, does nothing).

    So yeah, if those decks had like 12 cards in their sideboards specifically to deal with this one card, they could possibly beat it every now and then. Too bad you probably have other cards in your deck, as well. 😛

    Here’s the list I used to top 8 a PTQ:
    4 Mutavault
    1 Gargoyle Castle
    2 Mosswort Bridge
    4 Treefolk Harbinger
    4 Noble Hierarch
    4 Bosk Banneret
    4 Chameleon Colossus
    4 Dauntless Dourbark
    4 Leaf-Crowned Elder
    1 Unstoppable Ash
    4 Timber Protector
    2 Briarhorn
    2 Cloudthresher
    1 Tower Above
    1 Lignify

    2 Sapling of Colfenor
    4 Rootgrapple
    4 Wickerbough Elder
    1 Lignify
    2 Guttural Response

    Jund pretty much can’t beat a T3 Colossus. Then you just pile up the fat until you can overrun them. Sometimes just attacking and pumping your Colossus will do the trick, too, as they may not have anything that can block it.

  6. Frein says:

    Geez, forgot to add the 17 forests to the main and 2 Cloudthreshers to the sideboard.

  7. Sixten says:

    @Frein: Thanks for the decklist. I didn’t buy a lot of cards in Lorwyn so I don’t have Mutavaults, Cloudthreshers, or Timber Protectors (and I only have two Chameleon Colossus), but I can probably make the deck work at a weaker level with some substitutions. If the fully formed deck auto-wins against full-power pre-Zendikar Jund, then a deck with some substitutions should win against an incomplete Jund deck.

    Now let’s see if we can’t fix those broken cards.

  8. Sixten says:

    @Frein: So I went and built the treefolk deck with some substitutions (Primal Commands instead of Timber Protectors, Oversoul of Dusk for the two missing Colossus, and Wilt-Leaf Liege instead of Cloudthresher). Even with the lost synergy, I consistently beat the Jund deck that had destroyed the casual treefolk deck. I don’t think the deck in its substituted form can win against 5CC or Faeries like yours did, but it shows that Jund is the current Standard powerhouse simply because the general power level of Zendikar isn’t as high as Lorwyn.

  9. chris says:

    common seems balanced. uncommon, drop shroud and life gain and make it a 4/4. blight queller drop protection from black and make its ability cost two green. the mythic, drop indestructible and giving plants reach, increase the cost of the first ability to 1 and a green, make the plants 1/1, drop the second ability and make it a 7/7. might even say leave the reach granting if you drop it down to a 6/6.

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