Wishful Thinking: Fixing the Broken Cards

So thanks to the commenters, it quickly became obvious that my fake cards in the last Wishful Thinking post were overpowered. Some slightly, and some Tarmogoyfically.

So here are the cards in powered-down form.

Brood Seeding

Now a Sorcery. No more trick blocking with the spawn token.

Harmonic Elemental

No more lifegain. Still hideously effective against Blightning.

Blight Queller

No more protection, vigilance, or decolorization. Can now be killed in a variety of ways by a black deck, although the persistent returning from the graveyard is extremely powerful. Maybe too powerful, still, barring Nemesis Trap or Unmake.

Master of the Four Seasons

Replaced Indestructible with Defender, reduced the size to 6/6, and doubled the cost on the plant generation abilities. Now generally gives two turns of rest before the attackers start coming across. Speed is supposedly the only weakness of the ultimate sadistic creature.

3 Responses to “Wishful Thinking: Fixing the Broken Cards”

  1. Skribulous says:

    Needs a Green Goblin. /ducks

    But yeah, most of the custom cards are pretty cool. But Master of the Four Seasons is still hilariously broken it’s not funny. Shouldn’t it be blue with that ability set?

    My suggestion: Remove Shroud, add “Master of the Four Season loses Defender and gains Shroud if there are more that 1 Plant creatures in play under your control.”

    …Wait, that sounds even more broken. 🙂

  2. Frein says:

    It’s 8-mana, so not really broken, I think. Since it has defender, it takes it a good while to kill the opponent, too.

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