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So, unless you’ve been living under a rock or are really new to this blog, you know that I am a J.C.Staff fanboy whose love for J.C.Staff exceeds his love for Toho and Magic the Gathering put together, and that the reason my art skills are the way they are today is because I sold my soul to J.C.Staff in 2005.

Then you may be wondering, why on earth has there been no J.C.Staff-related post since that Railgun post five months ago?

A Certain Scientific Railgun started off awesome but I kind of lost interest halfway through. Of the upcoming J.C.Staff shows, Maid-Sama looks like it has the potential to be a hit, and I might try a volume of the manga to see what it’s like, and I will definitely check out the anime in April, but it doesn’t have me excited the way Potemayo, Toradora, or even Index/Railgun did.

Sadly, not every shojo manga can look like I Am Here! (at least that’s what Del Rey calls it)

And as for Uraboku (Betrayal Knows My Name)… well, I tried Loveless because it was J.C.Staff, and I will try this for the same reason, but it’s going to have to be really special to get me to watch it. I mean, cool sparkly bishonen are something any aspiring comic artist should draw every now and then, but an entire show of them?

So really, the only J.C.Staff-related news I felt like writing about is that the tsundere anime that surpasses everything is going to get its US release in July.

Yes that’s right, Toradora has been licensed by none other than the American subsidiary of Nippon Ichi Software. How do I feel about this? Well, I’m somewhat of a fan of NIS, enough to go enter their contests (and win) and preorder their games for the bonus merchandise.

Having bought Ar Tonelico 2, I know all about its fatally flawed localization: the inconsistent spelling of the name of a restaurant, the leaving certain Japanese voice clips in the battles when the English voice track was active, the incomplete translation, and the infamous overflow bug that crashed the game in a certain boss battle (that has, in fact, completely killed my motivation for playing through the game.)

All it takes is one poor localization to ruin your reputation, but I think NIS America deserves passing marks or better on the rest of their localizations. If you can look past Ar Tonelico 2, there is much evidence of NISA working to keep the fans happy.

Shortly after the Ar Tonelico disaster, they put out help wanted ads for proofreaders. Even if the English voice acting on the Mana-Khemia games is incomplete (maybe a disk space issue) and they don’t have the budget for Tales of Vesperia or Final Fantasy XIII-level voice acting, they left the Japanese voices in as an option. The fact that they leave the Japanese voice tracks in at all is more than other game companies do.

For Sakura Wars, because they couldn’t fit both languages on one disc, they packaged two disks, one for each language. They’ve always been generous with their special edition bonuses, and not only to the people who can win fan art contests.

And remember, Ar Tonelico 2 is one game. We got, what, Phantom Brave, Soul Nomad, Atelier Iris (which, by the way, had a fatal bug inherited from the Japanese version), Disgaea 2, and more without the problems of Ar Tonelico.

So I have faith that NIS America will do a good job with Toradora, which is already available for preorder, for $48 for 13 episodes, 2 DVDs, subtitles only. I have placed my preorder as a fan of both Nippon Ichi Software America, and of J.C.Staff. Let all present bear witness to my vote of confidence. They’re starting things off right with a preorder bonus hardcover artbook, which was not bad at all the last time they did it.

Yeah, my camera kind of sucks, but you have my word that this is a gorgeous little artbook with very high quality paper. And I have no reason to expect the Toradora artbook to be any different. As for the subtitles, it’s their first time doing this and they have a reputation to restore, so I’m sure they’ll do their best to make a positive impression.

And one more thing.

Did you know that Yuyuko is the author of Toradora?

You do not mess with the Yuyuko.

Illustration: Celebi Ryousangata

The fear of Death By Yuyuko will ensure that NIS America delivers quality in their first anime license, or else.

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  1. Frein says:

    J.C Staff sure is going all out on shoujo right now. I think you may have to question your unwavering devotion to them. 😉

  2. Hinano says:

    I love the Kaicho wa Maidsama manga, I used to buy it (until I gave up and sold it all to bookoff). I hope JC staff doesn’t fack it up like they facked up Karin though since the manga is still going with no conclusion in sight.

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