Got achievement “Mountain of Faith Normal 1CC”!

Illustration: Hortensia

In the end, Kanako was no match for Reimu’s hax.

Number of tries: 460
Playtime: 30 hours and change
Clears: 1

Now I’ve Normal 1CC’d the easiest Toho game and the second easiest Toho game! I’m still a scrub and the newly unlocked extra stage is too hard for me, but I’m moving up in the world.

So, Sage, it seems like I got my second 1CC before you…

5 Responses to “VICTORY IS MINE (2)”

  1. Frein says:

    Congrats! I guess it’s time to advance to SA, the game from hell.

  2. Sixten says:

    I frankly don’t think I’m good enough for SA, and wasn’t about to spend money on a game I can’t hope to beat. But Samukun is sending me a copy directly from Japan, so I have no excuse not to at least try it.

  3. Regor says:

    Nice, I knew you could do it.
    I have no reason to make fun of your victory this time.
    Which game are you going too 1CC now?

  4. Skribulous says:

    Personal recommendations would be PCB and EoSD. They’re a lot easier than SA or UFO.

  5. Zeroblade says:

    Mm, yeah. I found that EoSD, PCB, and IN are a good bit easier than SA and UFO. MoF, around the same level, I’d say.

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