Mysterious message

I just received an email from a professional Japanese artist, who shall remain unnamed until circumstances become clearer. This artist represents a circle of artists, one of whom is in my top 3 favorite Japanese artists of all time. This circle is dedicated to drawing catgirls. He said he wanted to talk to me and asked whether the email he used was the proper one to contact me by.

I said he had the correct email and that I was open to talk, and am now waiting for his reply.

I wonder what he could want? I have never had any contact with his circle except posting on the oekaki BBS of one of the artists. Have I offended him in any way? Maybe used a picture from his circle without asking permission? Does he need my help promoting his circle to a foreign audience? Or is this an elaborate trick and the email is not from the person it claims to be from?

Update: I received his reply and will explain more in a later post. Yes, it concerns Miao Diary. No, he doesn’t want to translate it.

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  1. Author says:

    Maybe they just wanted to translate Miao Diary (although Western scanlators are not that deferrential, perhaps it’s mostly because they a) cannot find contact info, b) are afraid of rejections – and with a good reason).

  2. omo says:

    I would guess something along those lines too.

  3. Author says:

    What have you done to me, stupid Sixten nya! I have to get up at 4:30 tomorrow, but I cannot stop reading nya!

  4. Samukun says:

    I don’t think a circle would be that angry about using their pictures without permission on a blog…

    Just hope that they want you to join, nya.

  5. Frein says:

    They’re definitely trying to track you so they can send hitmen after you. Hide, now! D:

  6. Skribulous says:

    It’s got to be Fairy Ring-related. Getting a Japanese-translated version of the to-be-released doujin distributed in the next con would be awesome.

    Either that, or they want your contribution to a catgirl-related anthology.

  7. I bet they are secretly representing J.C. Staff, and they want to option Miao Diaries to turn it into a 12-ep series!

  8. …with Kawasumi Ayako doing the voice of Sixten!

  9. Frein says:

    “‚Ķwith Kawasumi Ayako doing the voice of Sixten!”

    I’m not sure whether that’d be an honour or just plain embarrassing.

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