Nechoes have been established

The mysterious message mentioned in the previous post was from EFINK (NSFW), founder of the circle ESTABLISH NECHOES (also with NSFW content), which is dedicated to Nekomimi. While I enjoyed reading other people’s speculation as to what his purpose might be in contacting me, I didn’t think he would actually ask me to join his circle or contribute to their next project. My skill level is still too far below the level of actual professionals.

Still not good enough

EFINK’s reason for contacting me was nothing more than to show his appreciation after I blogged about ESTABLISH NECHOES, and after he read Miao Diary. But, you might ask, wasn’t that like a year ago?

Yes, he had wanted to contact me, but couldn’t easily find my email address on this site. Before he could search more, my site got hacked for the second time. The hacker installed malware on my site, and although the site was speedily purged and restored from backups, it was enough to give my site a bad reputation at places like the Web of Trust, causing various safe browsing tools to block my site long after Google had removed it from their blacklist. Unable to get to my site, EFINK gave up on trying to contact me for the time being.

Illustration by Kito for ESTABLISH NECHOES – Smart Nekomimics

Almost a year after, EFINK realized that the “Sixten” who operated H.C.Staff was the same person who had posted on the oekaki BBS of Kito (NSFW), also a member of Establish Nechoes. That was when he emailed me asking if this was my proper email.

When I confirmed it, he was finally able to send his message of appreciation, one year later:

When I was doing an access analysis of my site, I noticed that there was a visitor from your site. I realized that you had introduced my site to your readers. I was surprised to see that a site from a foreign country had linked to me. I wanted to email you to show my thanks, but I was unable to find your email address on your site. After your site was victimized by a cyber attack, I gave up on trying to email you. Almost a year later, I discovered that you had written your email address on Kito’s bulletin board. Thus I was finally able to send you this message of appreciation.

Also, I saw your work, “Miao Diary”. I read it all the way to the last page. It’s so interesting! I was really impressed to see that people other than the Japanese were drawing Nekomimi. I think it takes a special sense to like Nekomimi, and it seems that the height of its popularity in Japan has already passed. However, I think Nekomimi is well recognized as one of the lovely ones. To see that it is also recognized in foreign countries is wonderful.

And your drawings are cute. I see that there are people outside Japan who use this drawing style. This makes me happy as a person involved in Japanese cartoons.


P.S. You’re obviously a fan of Kito. Why have you posted about my site, and not his?

Does the phrase “one of the lovely ones”, mean “a moe mode”? I remember the Geneon release of Strawberry Marshmallow translating “moe” as “loveliness”.

Needless to say, to be recognized by a professional like EFINK is a great honor for me. I’m even more impressed that he persisted in trying to show his appreciation for my linking to his site, even if it took him a year. That must be the Japanese sense of honor.

This whole sequence has also made me aware of some things I should be doing as the operator of a blog. First, it should be easy to contact me. I’ve placed my email address on the about page, and also created a contact page.

Second, I should be actively trying to repair the damage caused to the reputation of the site. I’ve joined the Web of Trust community, and have already gotten help from the members in confirming that my site is safe. They’ve suggested that I contact places where my site has been marked as having malware, and ask that my site be re-evaluated and taken off their lists. This I have done. And I have also been advised to ask my webhost what the proper way is to keep from displaying the contents of a folder. Hopefully, my reputation will cleared up eventually so people like EFINK will no longer be blocked from my site.

And last but not least, I have to make a post about Kito.

I’ll have that up as soon as I can.

4 Responses to “Nechoes have been established”

  1. Frein says:

    Ah, congrats. I’m sure you feel flattered. Also, surprisingly, his English appears to be perfect.

  2. omo says:

    Nekomimi… wow. You should introduce him to all the other nekomimi fetishists abroad, lol.

  3. Sixten says:

    @Frein: I grammar-corrected his email. But it was quite understandable to begin with, with the exception of the “lovely ones” line. And yes, I’m quite flattered.

  4. Samukun says:

    Wow, congratulations. Now you have another “About Sixten” blurb to add to your “about” page, if you haven’t done so already.

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