About four years back, I was poking around Akiba Angels when I ran into a feature about the Japanese illustrator, Kito. It said:

Creator: Kito
Theme: Cute, Moe, Little Girl
Works: Illustration, CG

Kito’s characters are typical Moe character, which tickles your heart because they are so cute. They look very gentle and how he colors character is very soft. It gives us a moment of peace by looking at his characters.

Now that’s an artist who’s got his priorities straight!

I went over to his site and looked around. Just as advertised, there was page after page of round-faced moeblobs, from Potemayo to Kuma-tan to his original characters. This was an artist who who scored high on both cuteness and technical ability. And while the cuteness was not always innocent (it was sometimes even blatantly pornographic), I didn’t really mind. I was an instant fan.

Kito also took the time to reply whenever I posted on his oekaki BBS (NSFW). If and when I do become a professional, I’ll have to make the effort to reply to fan mail too.

As a professional artist, Kito has done illustrations for the Hayate the Combat Butler trading card game, the visual novel studio known as Cuffs, and the Korean multiplayer online game Trickster. What is most relevant to readers of this site, is that he is the one who illustrated a number of IOSYS Toho album covers.

Toho Ageha contained Convictor Yamaxanadu

Toho Love Stream

Toho Anthology of Ice and Snow (the ninth IOSYS Toho album, by the way) contained Cirno’s Perfect Math Class

Toho Soyu Shinpi contained Miracle Hinacle

Toho Hectopascal

Toho Makashinsai contained Love-Colored Damage Report

If you are in the area indicated above (and actually, even if you’re not), feel free to join me on the Kito side.

5 Responses to “Kito”

  1. Samukun says:

    So cute!

    And nice chart. Rocket and I always approve of charts.

  2. Frein says:

    I love the cover on Makashinsai.

  3. Zizhou says:

    Well played, Venn Diagram…you win again. 😛

  4. Skribulous says:

    Kito’s style reminds me of a cleaner, neater Randou House.

  5. Hokage says:

    Nice, I’ve always been a Touhou fan, and an aspiring artist myself. Seeing this Kito artworks inspires me to do better, he is a good artist

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