Unlimited Mage Works

So, Skribulous, what do you think of Gideon now?

“I am the center.
Power and sacrifice can only exist together,
like an eye and the sense of sight.
The light surrounds my foes,
and they are blind to all but me.
If any heart will be stilled,
it will be mine.”


7 Responses to “Unlimited Mage Works”

  1. Nijiru says:

    Also, enjoy your mono-green Joraga Treespeaker. 😛

  2. jbrennan says:

    But but but…

    …he’s not the bone of his sword. =/

  3. Skribulous says:


    (Incidentally, do you know they’re publishing the rest of the Punishing Fire manga online by installments?)

    (Twins spotted.)

    (Most recent part, at the time of this writing. Fuck yeah, Lina Inverse–wut?)

  4. Skribulous says:

    Er, Purifying Fire manga. My bad. OTL

    (That’s it, I’m splashing black so I can pack Doom Blades just for Hero Boy here.)

  5. Sixten says:

    @Nijiru: Yes, Joraga Treespeaker is wonderful. But it’s Realms Uncharted and Momentous Fall that explode with rainbow-colored AWESOME.

    @Skribulous: Thanks for the heads up on the comic. Speaking of Lina Inverse, isn’t she a J.C.Staff character? Oh, and I hear Gideon is a pretty cool dude. He draws massive creature attacks and isn’t afraid of anything.

  6. Frein says:

    Momentous Fall is ridiculous. It’s so good I bet even Jund will just auto-include it as a 3-4-of.

  7. The Purifying Fire manga makes me wonder… How often will they do this sort of thing? Will there be a follow-up for Zendikar? Will they do something for Scars of Mirrodin?

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