Lotus Cobra is still evil

Since I had it sketched out already, I didn’t think it would be too much trouble to complete.

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  1. desudesu says:

    don’t ever die, brah <3

  2. Frein says:

    Adam and Eve bought cobras for $30 each?

  3. jbrennan says:

    …and boy did they regret it.

  4. desudesu says:

    At least Cobras are useful in Mythics.dec, right… right?

  5. jbrennan says:

    desu, is that avatar of Patchy making the XD face? Cute.

    True story: I tried to get Lotus Cobra to work in a Naya-colored, Legacy-legal Natural Order deck. Then I realized it was worse than both Noble Hierarch and Mox Diamond. I felt silly.

  6. desudesu says:

    I know, right?

    What a letdown of an overhyped mythic it was. Bad cobra, bad, bad cobra!

  7. Somatic says:

    Lotus Cobra was a hit in the start, but seems like Jund players dun really have space for this little “evil” doer

  8. desudesu says:

    Nah, it doesn’t fit Jund at all. There’s just too many quality cards on a typical Jund deck as it is already. Poor cobra :<

  9. jbrennan says:

    Wasn’t there that one landfall-centric Jund deck that was running around pre-WWK that had Cobra and Ob Nixilis?

    Not that I know anything about Standard. I only draft or play Legacy. And, of course, EDH on the side.

  10. Asou says:

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  11. desudesu says:

    There could be. I dunno. There’s like a million Jund builds before some guy came out with the 27-land version of it.

  12. Thunder Chicken says:

    That 27-land build is called “Magical Christmasland,” as popularized by Conley Woods at the last Worlds event in Rome; it focuses on heavy permanent and land destruction with cards like Acidic Slime, Mold Shambler, and Violent Ultimatum, along with intense mana ramp with Lotus Cobra, Harrow, and fetch lands. Ob Nixilis is just something that combos well with all of the land dropping.

  13. Frein says:


    All wrong. The standard Jund build of today runs 27 lands and is nothing like Conley Woods’ Magical Christmasland. The only common LD Jund runs is Goblin Ruinblaster.

    As for the Cobra + Ob Nixilis deck, it was actually GWB. I’m sure many people tried stuffing their Jund decks with those but it doesn’t work so you don’t see it anymore.

  14. KimikoMuffin says:

    I never thought I’d ever end up saying this, but: Adam and Eve look adorable.

  15. dark says:

    your Adamn and Eve’s are both LoLies lol

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