Induce Despair

The angels of Emrakul wear their halos in an unconventional way.

Then again, Emrakul is an unconventional goddess.

15 Responses to “Induce Despair”

  1. dentonboyz says:

    Ha ha ha…

  2. KimikoMuffin says:

    Annihilation, huh? 😉

  3. a3g1s says:


    emrakul tentacle is owning

  4. Sixten says:

    @KimikoMuffin: Yes. Does this not look like annihilation?

  5. Asura Rising says:

    I win lols
    Love your comic

  6. Asou says:

    poor serra angel

    feel kinda sorry when i did loled

  7. jbrennan says:

    @Sixten: I’d say that looks more like imminent tentacle rape. :B

    No wonder they wear their halos over their eyes. That way they can’t see it coming…

  8. Omnicrom says:

    Is it strange that my favorite thing about this incredibly amusing 4Koma full of nods to various parts of Magic is that you accurately referred to Emrakul as a she?

    I love the Induce despair take-off art, the Lovecraft style epithet for Emrakul, and the accurate assessment of what playing her gets you. Above all that the simple fact that you remembered that the creature that is head and shoulders strongest in Magic is a lady makes me unreasonably overjoyed.

  9. It seems that Induce Despair is a clear tentacle-hentai reference. >.>

  10. marvelous stan says:

    I still run Serra’s Blessing in my EDH >_>

    The Serra Angel mimicing the Induce Despair art is especially lolarious.

  11. Nijiru says:

    I like how the other angel is smirking at the camera in the last panel. 😛

  12. jbrennan says:

    @Thunder Chicken: The Aeons aren’t the only thing Emrakul tears with her Six Thousand Tentacles of Annihilation. :B

  13. Somatic says:

    If Emrakul has Six Thousand Tentacles, what about Ulamog who has Giant and Thick Tentacles?

  14. Just as a side note, provides some interesting insight to the angels of Zendikar and why some of them wore (operative word being wore) their halos over their eyes.

  15. mkdir21 says:

    So… it’s 1000 tentacles per Annihilation point? 😀

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