Pursuit of knowledge

I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel here. Today is the deadline of the school project from hell, and I gladly submitted it last night after it destroyed over 60 hours of my life over the last three weeks. To someone spoiled by Visual Studio, writing C code in Emacs and debugging it in GDB makes me want to throw chairs through windows. Also, my schedule at work seems to be loosening up. Having 20 hours of homework and being asked to come to the office on the weekend is highly stressful, and only a constant internal chant of “it’s better than being unemployed; it’s better than being deported” kept me from losing my mind. The quarter isn’t done, but the worst is over.

So, some news.

Now on Pixiv!

A long time ago, back before my blog got hacked, Hinano suggested that I get a Pixiv account. I declined for two reasons: 1) I can’t read Japanese (only about 300 kanji) and 2) my art sucked, and I didn’t want to get mocked. I remember Hinano saying she got mocked on Pixiv for her art not being up to the “super high Japanese standard”.

It took three years, but I eventually relented, when I learned that 東方 (Toho) was the second most common tag on Pixiv. (It makes sense though, when you consider that Satori Komeiji is the boss of Pixiv.) I figured it was worth being mocked if I could get access to all those pictures by my favorite Japanese artists that didn’t make it onto their homepages. Besides, while I’m certainly not pro-level yet, my art skills have improved enough that the mockery will be reduced somewhat.

So yeah, Sixten on Pixiv contains nothing you haven’t seen before, but it allows me to check out more Toho artwork from Kito and others. And I haven’t been mocked yet.

Folk guitarist Julie Patchouli

Next, I got Terra Guitarra: The Mother Night, the latest album from Patchouli, the folk guitar band led by Julie Patchouli. No relation to Toho’s Patchouli, although I won’t be surprised if someone makes a Toho music video of one of their songs someday. There is Toho of everything, after all. Even Sesame Street.

Finally, with my schedule clearing up, I have resumed work on Lotus Cobra is Evil. Look forward to a new comic this weekend. It looks like someone’s…

…searching their library.

PS: My top 5 favorite Toho characters:

5) Daiyousei
4) Patchouli
3) Chen
2) Suwako
1) Cirno

Rather predictable, wouldn’t you say?

5 Responses to “Pursuit of knowledge”

  1. schneider says:

    Bookmarked on pixiv :3

  2. KimikoMuffin says:

    If you have Firefox, you can install Greasemonkey and this little script to display … I’d say about 50% of Pixiv in English, including a smattering of tags. Obscenely useful, I’d say.

    And consider yourself bookmarked. 😉

  3. jbrennan says:

    @Kimiko: Does that display the “sign up for an account” pages in English? That’s pretty much the only reason I haven’t gone on Pixiv yet.

    @610: Congrats on surviving.

  4. KimikoMuffin says:

    @jbrennan: Yep, it does!

  5. Samukun says:

    So is Tohou finally invading Lotus Cobra now?

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