What does it look like when Jace “exiles someone’s library”?

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  1. Jacob Martin says:

    The next Lotus Cobra is Evil should deal with how the only sparkly Vampires in Magic: The Gathering being foil cards is a good thing for both involved.

    I like your literal depictions of Magic card effects – the cute J.C. Staff artwork really helps with the adorable, silly mood. I started playing Magic again, and have considered buying a Lotus Cobra as a single.

    Keep on making these webcomics, they’re awesome Sixten!

  2. Khôi says:

    Poor Patchouli, she never saw it coming!

    Speaking of library, I’ve been addicted to the Touhou Doujin Game “Patchcon” lately, where you have to defend said Patchouli’s library! Very well done and funny 🙂

  3. KimikoMuffin says:

    Short-haired Koa is cute. :3

  4. Sixten says:

    @Jacob: Unfortunately, I lack the knowledge of Twilight necessary to make a proper joke. And gaining that knowledge would mean spending more time with Twilight than I would like. There are other types of knowledge more worthy of pursuit, such as magical knowledge, artistic knowledge, Cirno knowledge, and Patchouli knowledge.

    @KimikoMuffin: Tirumu’s short-haired Koa, as depicted in the “Devil’s Desire” and “Devil’s Mischief” Patchouli x Koakuma doujins by circle Memoria, is the official Koa of H.C.Staff. Accept no substitutes.

  5. Impulsive says:

    That was a clever cross-over for Touhou and Magic! Poor Patch, and to think Marisa was already a problem on her books.

  6. jbrennan says:

    While I love this comic, it’s a bit inaccurate. The books Patchy and Koakuma were holding should now be on the shelves.

  7. YukiSilvermaine says:

    @jbrennan: I concur. However, it isn’t clearly shown whether Patchy and Koa were getting books or returning them. If it’s the latter, then I guess the comic is accurate.
    On another note, adorable facial expressions are adorable!

  8. Sixten says:

    The SDM library is huge. How do you know that the books they were holding aren’t now on some other shelf off-camera?

  9. desudesu says:

    This comic is so nerdy, non-current-magic players would never understand :<

  10. GoldenSunfreak says:

    Love all your MTG 4-koma; keep up the good work! Although, I remember you saying something about hating blue and not seeing Jace in your manga…

  11. Sixten says:

    @GoldenSunfreak: I couldn’t find a good place to sell my Jaces, so I went ahead and built a U/W Control deck out of curiosity, to see what the hype was all about. I became a believer pretty soon after.

  12. Somatic says:

    The appearance of the poster boy!

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