Ensemble of the Dead (8 hours)

I finished my final exam on Saturday and now I’m on summer break. But before I get to the Toho fanart, there’s a small bit of Toho fanart to get out of the way first.

Progress: 8 hours

View a larger version to see more details.

Larger version
Even larger version (if you want to try coloring it yourself)

A number of errors in the drawing still persist, but I fear that if I go back and fix stuff, I’ll overshoot the target of 15 hours by a lot. I have to start coloring now.

Please wait warmly until it is ready.

2 Responses to “Ensemble of the Dead (8 hours)”

  1. desudesu says:

    for me, those two old hags to the left are the focus of the picture! :>

  2. NH4NO3 says:

    So moe I’m gonna die!

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