Nareru! Systems Engineer

Rocket said, in a comment on Aya’s lecture on privacy:

There is a significant business opportunity in moetic C.S. degrees. I suspect a significant intersection of target audience…

At first I was like, “yeah, right”.

And then I learned about Nareru! Systems Engineer.

Now, the term Systems Engineer doesn’t necessarily imply being in the field of computer science, but the whole moe CS thing doesn’t seem too far-fetched anymore. (I’m a Systems Analyst myself, and all my work involves computer programming.)

From Dengeki, publishers of Shana, Toradora, Railgun, and Okami-san, comes the story of Kouhei Sakurazaka (at least, that’s how I think the name 桜坂工兵 is read), a boy in his first year as a member of the Japanese workforce. Kouhei finds a job as a Systems Engineer, and gets trained under senior employee, Ritsuka Muromi (again, I’m not sure of the proper reading of 室見立華, it could be “Rikka” or “Tachibana” or something else, those are the same kanji in here).

Nareru! Systems Engineer’s female lead, Ritsuka(?) Muromi

Kouhei finds to his dismay that Ritsuka is a super workaholic who works him into the ground in ungentle fashion. Will Kouhei survive and become a full-fledged Systems Engineer?

Nareru! Systems Engineer is illustrated by moe-specialist Ixy, who is actually a Systems Engineer himself.

I’m not even fluent in Japanese and I’m already recommending this book. Ixy is a fantastic artist, much better than I could hope to be, and this should be a welcome break for those who are tired of the abusive, tsundere loli Dengeki female leads.

Somewhere, J.C.Staff is considering adapting this.

You just know it.

3 Responses to “Nareru! Systems Engineer”

  1. KimikoMuffin says:

    And so the divide between useful geeks (i.e. those whose geekiness is about computers and other stuff you can actually help normal people with) and useless geeks (i.e. those whose geekiness is about anime and other stuff which is useless to normal people) begins to narrow! 😉

  2. jbrennan says:

    Goddammit, where’s my moe epidemiologists (a virologist is fine too)?!

  3. Frein says:

    Anyone know where I could find a larger version of the cover(?) for the series below Nareru? The one with the girl in biking attire and planes reflecting from the water.

    I tried googling with ~緋翼は風に踊る~(is this a sub title or a volume title?) and エアリエル but to no avail.

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