Fairy Ring 2/20

Looking for Cirno x Suwako doujins in preparation for Fairy Ring, I found Kero-chan no Eroi Hon and 9-bai Cirno Jiru, both of which… violate the content publishing guidelines of H.C.Staff. Their plot progression is as follows:

1) Suwako getting mad at Cirno for freezing frogs.
2) Battle and/or punishment.
3) Loli yuri makeouts.

from Kero-chan no Eroi Hon by Pixel Phantom

Fairy Ring is a serious, all-ages Cirno x Suwako doujin, but it also inevitably involves a fight between the two. Suwako is a goddess who has come to Gensokyo because people in the outside world are losing faith in her, and along with her fellow goddess Kanako, plans to win the faith of humans by exterminating troublesome youkai. Cirno is a fairy who is a leader of a group of youkai who cause trouble for humans. Frogs are sacred to Suwako, and Cirno’s hobby is freezing frogs. For there to be actual romance between Cirno x Suwako requires some resolution of these differences.

Here we go again, usual apologies for general sucking etc.

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  1. Samukun says:

    Wait, what happened to the komas?

    So Suwako finally makes her appearance!

  2. falkonus says:

    sadly, in america, it is the zookeeper’s fault.

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