A.D. 2101

Lotus Cobra is Evil #21 takes place in A.D. 2101.

You have no chance to survive.

(Himori alternate art Jace mockup by Mazeura.)

9 Responses to “A.D. 2101”

  1. Samukun says:


  2. KimikoMuffin says:

    XD XD XD

    Also I loved moe-captain.

  3. YukiSilvermaine says:

    I’m laughing and shaking my head at the same time..

  4. Zizhou says:

    Oh god, the pun and the engrish have formed some sort of gestalt more powerful than either alone!

  5. Skribulous says:

    The Magic community will freak out when the Mind Sculptor version turns out the be the M11 Jace. I know I will be. =o

  6. Frein says:


  7. Unfortunately, all we got in M11 is Jace vanilla. No mind sculptor. 🙁

  8. Somatic says:

    Plus it seems that WWK is going to stop its print run…..

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