So when I arrived at my parents’ house in Chicago last Friday (July 2nd), I took a shower and used the Arm and Hammer deodorant that was conveniently provided for me.

To my great dismay, it turned out that I was violently allergic to the deodorant. My armpits quickly turned into the reverse of Reimu’s in terms of appeal. The skin turned red and swollen, filled with a rash of thousands of tiny fluid-filled blisters that soon spread across my upper arm and ribcage and started to itch like crazy. It was as though the deodorant had become poison ivy.

It’s been a whole week now, and despite my supreme force of will in refusing to scratch the itch, the rash is still there and has just reached its peak. These things get worse before they subside. Only allergy pills and poison ivy treatment lotion have kept the itch from destroying my sanity, and I’m just thankful that I’m not also allergic to the lotion. Heat and perspiration make it worse, and so I’ve been trying to stay indoors and keep cool, which isn’t always possible during summer in Chicago.

I’ve been trying to enjoy my vacation otherwise, but the rash, followed by an insect sting on Saturday evening that caused a joint on my left hand to swell up and hurt like hell whenever I moved my forefinger, followed by coming down with a fever on Monday, has just been making my life miserable. The itch wakes me up in the middle of the night, causing me to spend the days trying to catch up on sleep and trying to just not be conscious to worry about stuff. My parents put things into perspective by saying “It isn’t life-threatening”, but though I’m glad it isn’t pneumonia, it still itches.

I am still on track for 8 new pages of Fairy Ring this Sunday… though that doesn’t help with the itch either.

4 Responses to “Misery”

  1. falkonus says:

    wow… that sucks dude. looking forward to the new pages though. Hope you get better soon.

  2. Samukun says:

    Eewoach. That sounds a lot more painful than it sounded before. Make sure you recover through judicious application of Ookami-san.

  3. Flak says:

    Wow that’s rough. Hope you’re doing better.

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