Autumn’s Veil

So I finished the next eight pages of Fairy Ring and was going to post a continuation, but then I decided that I would wait until I had the entire first chapter complete (36 pages total, including the 13 from the first two installments) before posting, so that the post would have a “complete idea” and would be more worth talking about. The target deadline is Sunday, July 25.

So instead, I’m attending the prerelease for the Magic 2011 Core Set, and you get a commemorative Lotus Cobra is Evil.

Okay, so who of you saw this…

and thought this?

“I managed to survive!”

Somehow appropriately, in Japanese, this card is “Aki no Tobari” (秋の帳), or “Autumn’s Curtain”.

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  1. Skribulous says:

    Awww, how cute. The Aki sisters think they can be popular too. XD

    Good luck in the prerelease. Have fun with Gaea’s Revenge.

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