Fairy Ring – Preview Page 3

So my allergic reaction is subsiding. The blisters have turned to dry skin that is now peeling off. There’s been some kind of aftershock that caused hives to erupt from my shoulders to my fingertips and across my back, but I’ve been suppressing them with medication.

The problem is that the medication makes me sleepy, and since I’ve been working slightly overtime at work I’ve been going to sleep as soon as I finish my dinner. It’s inconvenient, and it’s kept me from working on much of anything in the evening, but it’s better to be asleep than itching all over.

But enough of that. How about some more Cirno and Suwako?

3 Responses to “Fairy Ring – Preview Page 3”

  1. KimikoMuffin says:

    Heh … I imagined the SPOOOOOOON — uh, I mean, “PICHU~N” SFX as she stumbled. But I always do that …

  2. Skribulous says:

    Interesting hand placement in panel 4 there.

    Yes, I live in a gutter. :p

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