The Great Fairy Wars

An official Toho game with Cirno as the main heroine?

Illustrated by Makoto Hirasaka?

Illustration by Makoto Hirasaka

That sound you just heard was money being set aside to import this at the earliest opportunity.

It is a good day.

6 Responses to “The Great Fairy Wars”

  1. KimikoMuffin says:

    So, I guess this means that Daiyousei’s last name is Taisen.

    You know … Dai Yousei Taisen?

  2. Sixten says:

    Who knows? Regardless, I really want Daiyousei and Suwako to have appearances and plot relevance in this game.

  3. Shance says:

    I am totally okay with this.

    Also, either Lily or Suwako as final or extra bosses. Way too fine indeed.

  4. jbrennan says:

    Holy-! Where are you buying this?! Eye want one too!

  5. Sixten says:

    I import my Toho games through HimeyaShop. Somewhat expensive shipping wise, but totally worth it. Do note that it won’t be out until after Summer Comic Market.

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