The great creature type update

It’s a milestone! Lotus Cobra is Evil #25!

Also, more colorful!

5 Responses to “The great creature type update”

  1. Skribulous says:

    If only it was real. T_T

  2. waterfall says:

    Hi Sixten,

    I checked.
    It doesn’t say Cat Musician. You lie. Haha. Nyan.


  3. Zizhou says:

    To be honest, I’ve kind of been secretly hoping for you to do this with the two Azusas. 😛

  4. Kenny says:

    One of my friends has an Azusa, Lost But Seeking EDH, whom I annoy to no end by calling her Azu-nyan. Another awesome Lotus Cobra is Evil.

  5. Asura Rising says:

    In colors!!!
    I love it!

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