To Muffin:

Make you happy?

If you ask me, her abilities are 1) accumulating spore counters and 2) putting 1/1 green Saproling creature tokens onto the battlefield.

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  1. KimikoMuffin says:

    Yes. Yes, it does. |3

    As I said on my site: she had long oversized sleeves in the previous panel, but I can’t actually bring myself to care about that now. :3

  2. KimikoMuffin says:

    Oh, as for the other suggestion, I have no idea what those mean because I’m not a MtG fan. ^^;

  3. John Evans says:

    I do, however. You win one internet, and an additional internet if you were actually around for Fallen Empires. 😉

  4. Zizhou says:

    Awful cute for a thallid, but I guess that’s par for the course with youkai-fungus in Gensokyo…

  5. Nijiru says:

    I’m now wondering what the larger thallids from Time Spiral look like. 😀

  6. jbrennan says:

    @Nijiru: they are not lolis, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your tastes.

  7. universalperson says:

    At least her ability dosen’t work every turn like Verdant Force.

  8. Mushyrulez says:




    :@ :@ :@

  9. Mushyrulez says:

    Oh yeah, can I put this on my site? -collecting Masha art-

  10. Sixten says:

    @Mushyrulez: Sure, you can put this on your site. Where’s the other Masha art at anyway?

  11. Mushyrulez says:

    Whaddya mean /other/ art?

    So far I see three Masha fan-arts out there, but there will undoubtedly be more >:3

    Here’s ta link, thanks~

  12. Sixten says:

    By “other” I meant to imply that I was surprised that there was fanart of her out there besides mine. You said there were three, are you still waiting for permission to use the third?

  13. Mushyrulez says:

    Yeah, considering it’s on Photobucket and thus I don’t really have any way to contact the artist.

  14. TARDISES says:

    dat moeshroom :3

    …also, I have NO IDEA what you meant underneath the image. Explanations, anyone?

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