Giant Swing (Improved)

While I am still struggling (and failing) to pass Satori on Normal, my performance on Stage 3 has improved.

Compare it to my last upload of this stage. That’s the difference of running practice mode 200 times!

Also, Frein was right about focusing more on Yugi’s first nonspell. It makes it easier to stay on target and allows me to clear that nonspell in much less time and with much less danger. I still find it easier to be unfocused during some attack patterns though, particularly “Feat of Strength – Storm on Oeyama” and the nonspell that follows it.

“Feat of Strength – Storm on Oeyama” – the one with the purple bubbles descending diagonally from upper right to lower left – gives me headaches. As you can see, my capture rate is only about 25%, compared to my about 50% on the other cards (and the near 100% on the trivial card, “Hell’s Wheel of Pain”). Memorization, which is my strongest asset in games like these, seems to be useless against it.

If I perfect stages 1-3, I think I will eventually have enough lives to brute force my way past Satori and then figure out the finesse way in practice mode.

4 Responses to “Giant Swing (Improved)”

  1. jbrennan says:

    Brute forcing past Satori means you’re going to get raped by Orin.

    Just sayin’.

  2. Sixten says:

    I agree, but if I get past Satori once, I can practice Stage 4 until I have a system and don’t need to brute force anymore.

  3. Frein says:

    Nice job and I’m glad to see you use focus more. At least I’ve found speed to be of little importance in most situations while precision always helps and that’s exactly what focused mode gives you.

  4. Brizzle says:

    Yuugi only playing around woth you, her sake NOT EVEN DROP

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