Fairy Ring (3-4/20)

Holy crap, that took forever! It’s like waiting for “Gensokyo Tag Tournament” to update on danbooru!

This far into the comic, I’m starting to realize a major issue: It’s taking forever for stuff to happen. I wanted Cirno and Suwako to run into each other, have a good time, and not realize who the other was. The way I chose to set things up was that the Moriya Shrine had just appeared in Gensokyo, and so the goddesses were out scouting the potential worshippers: Suwako and Sanae in “disguise”, and Kanako more directly. But as it turns out, that setup requires a lot of time.

I ended up having to show why people would want to join a new shrine, and the complications that would arise if Suwako became aware of who Cirno really was and who her friends were. And I had to add in the angle of both Cirno and Suwako both in the mindset of pretending not to be themselves, to make it believable that they could spend a few hours together without potentially inflammatory questions like “Suwako, what are you a goddess of?” or “Cirno, what are your hobbies?” coming up. (Even if their disguises looked ineffective on the surface.) The idea was to have them interact as though they were normal girls and not the supernatural beings that they are.

Maybe it would have been better to have them start out as enemies and then realize something that would make them stop fighting. But deciding exactly what that “something” was, was difficult. Maybe Suwako could find out why it is that Cirno hates frogs, and eliminate the problem at the source. But that’s definitely ending material, and it wouldn’t eliminate the problem of Cirno’s friends doing things that Suwako, as a protector of humanity, would not approve of. Maybe I should have handwaved stuff and made Cirno’s friends a non-issue. Yeah, in hindsight that would probably have been the best thing to do.

So yeah, trust that the “danmaku” will be unleashed eventually, but right now it seems like some kind of bad slice-of-life.

I’m thinking of getting this project up to part 6 of 20 and then scrapping it in favor of a shorter and simpler plot. That’s as far as I have laid out the pages at this point, and as far as I need to start the conflict between Cirno and Suwako. It’s a shame to have to waste all this work, but I’m guessing that keeping on working on a failed idea because “we’ve come so far already” is why bad movies get made.

5 Responses to “Fairy Ring (3-4/20)”

  1. Flak says:

    I’m really really liking it so far ;(

  2. Author says:

    Holy eyes of truth, Batman

  3. falkonus says:

    i like it.

  4. Impulsive says:

    *thumbs up*

  5. Zizhou says:

    In addition to the lotus and assorted jewelery, is that a behemoth sledge and sword of vengence that Rinnosuke’s got for sale there?

    Also, ice fairy produced ice cream would probably be the best ice cream ever!

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