Enemy colors

Blue hates Green.

Green hates Blue.

That’s just the way it is.

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  1. Ertaichiu says:

    Hi Sixten,

    Just want to say that your work is fantastic! I have read your comics since a few weeks ago, and I especially like the way you merge the meaning of character’s speech into the picture.

  2. jbrennan says:

    I nearly choked to death on the water I was drinking when I read this.

    Put your hand on your monitor so I can hi5 you through the internet.

  3. Khôi says:

    I lol’ed hard. Gotta love Jace on the roll.

  4. YukiSilvermaine says:

    Marsh Flats.. *chuckles*

  5. Kojiroh Sakaki says:

    oh my god, this was nice, I’m literally giggling while replying this.

    You should change the title to Jace is Evil.
    and than again, this Jace reminds me of Char Aznable. who is yes, evil.

  6. Jim says:

    Some mythics just never took off, you at least used the ones people care about but what about hellcarver demons who just cry themselves to sleep every night on piles of naked men.

  7. falkonus says:

    Panels 2 and 3…

    wow, i lol’d. Of course Jace is a dick, anyone who plays against him knows that.

  8. Kenny says:

    I can think of no fewer than 3 interpretations of panel 2.

  9. desudesu says:

    I’m gonna rename it assholejace4Koma.jpg

  10. Infel says:

    Oh, yeah, Jace is gonna get his. Someone’s buddy is an even bigger dick of a blue ‘walker, after all~

  11. dentonboyz says:

    Ooow, this is awesome…
    Jace indeed is EVIL…

  12. Vamp_guy says:

    Jace is EVIL but is powerless agaisnt Vampire Hexmage and her counter removal ability

  13. jbrennan says:

    Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view), the Vampires deck – and black in general – is awful in the current standard, and will only get more so when Nocturnus rotates.

    This is what happens when your only on-color ways to deal with planeswalkers are attacking and Hexmage.

  14. Frein says:


    And Pithing Needle. Sprouting Thrinax and Vengevine are probably bigger problems than planeswalkers as the deck lacks ways to efficiently deal with either. Also, Nocturnus was pretty much the only card that would reliably kill the opponent unless dealt with quickly.

  15. Asura Rising says:

    I love it…
    I wish it was in colors like last week though 😛

  16. Asura Rising says:

    I’m playing black vampire and completely agreed with what you say…(normal UW Jace will drop Wrath of God before I mindsludge him)

  17. somebody says:

    Why would he fateseal BloodBraid she is going to rotate any way ;_;

    actually hooray the standard environment might be interesting enough for me to dabble outside of eternal formats with alara gone

  18. jbrennan says:

    @Frein: Yeah, I was thinking of black cards. However, Needle also rotates with Nocturnus (sadly).

    If Sorin had been a bit cheaper (like, four mana or so) but with less loyalty or a different -3 or something, he may have been good enough to see play. As it is, black also lacks a strong planeswalker, and that’s actually a huge deal because of how much card advantage they provide. Black either needs more ways to generate real card advantage (not a bunch of one-for-ones like Duress or targeted removal much worse than white’s) or a mono-colored planeswalker that actually costs less than one million mana.

    But what do I know, I only draft and play Legacy/EDH.

  19. jbrennan says:

    Also, and somewhat tangentially, it’s interesting to see that all of the planeswalkers to date have either been super strong (Jace, Elspeth, Ajani V) or very, very marginal (both Chandras, first Sarkhan). There are very few planeswalkers that hit a nice middle ground between overbearingly powerful and dollar mythic: I’d argue that Garruk and Tezzeret (Vintage) are the only ones to date. Maybe OldJace, too, but that’s more because of his newer version being vastly superior than anything.

  20. somebody says:

    If you are concerned about card advantage, black has plenty currently with comsume the meek, grave titan, all is dust, consuming vapors, mind sludge, and scars is coming out with a functional reprint of cranial extraction called memoricide (suck it combo and vengevine). But mind sludge while game winning is total mono black control. the problem is that MBC is awkward against Blue White control which is the deck that will not be affected by rotation

  21. jbrennan says:

    The bigger issue, though, is that black lacks a counterpart to Jace TMS.

    The ability to generate two-for-ones is fine and will go up in value when cascade rotates out; however, black lacks an ability to do this consistently, turn after turn. Consume is expensive and doesn’t hit key cards like planeswalkers, Titans, or Vengevines; Titan is fine but can’t carry an entire deck around itself in the same way its green counterpart does. AiD is okay but at seven mana in a deck without Coffers or other ways to accelerate it out, it will always be worse than AiD in a Primeval Titan/Eldrazi deck. Vapors is decent but mileage will vary wildly by matchup: it’s pretty terrible versus Fauna Shaman + Vengevine decks, for example, as well as doing THE GOGGLES against planeswalkers. Mind Sludge and MBC are awkward versus blue-white because Mind Sludge is a full turn slower than Jace and does nothing to answer planeswalkers already in play. Memoricide is nice and all, but Cranial Extraction was only a super niche sideboard card when it was in the same Standard as Heartbeat of Spring, so that doesn’t bode well for its updated version.

    Really, of the cards you listed, only the Titan is a real draw for black. Black lacks a way to generate consistent streams of card advantage, such as the ones planeswalkers provide, and its two-for-ones are expensive, clunky, and bad versus Vengevines and planeswalkers. Memoricide alone can’t hold the color together, and unless Scars brings something revolutionary, the color is going to continue to be pretty bad as long as it lacks good draw and/or good planeswalkers.

  22. Author says:

    These references mean nothing to me, but I asked if many people played MtG in Akita. Apparently, many did. Also they occupied a lot of scarce table space and were noisy to the point of obnoxious, so everyone else hated MtG players.

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