Fairy Ring (Take 2) – Pages 1-4

More to the point with the story, backgrounds with an actual time budget, cinematic composition with new frame borders, and cleaner line art. Fairy Ring is back, with improved everything!

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  1. Nijiru says:

    Love Cirno’s face in the last panel.

  2. KimikoMuffin says:

    Me too. XD

    And yeah, this is definitely going into things more quickly … Another issue with the first draft was that whole bit with that mother who apparently wasn’t particularly bothered by the fact that Rumia had eaten one of her children, which I felt was … a bit pants. But yeah~

  3. Kobayashi says:

    In the words of Commander Amarao:

    “Where are your eyebrows!?”

    Though by “your” I mean “her hat’s” and by “eyebrows” I mean “eyes”.

    Lookin’ good though.

  4. Sixten says:

    @Muffin: I don’t know what you mean by “pants” but it sounds negative. That scene with the mother whose kid got eaten was revised, and moved to a different point in the script. You’ll find the mother to behave more like you expect. Also, the “mother” was intended to be a guy with long hair, sort of like Ukyo from Samurai Shodown.

    @Kobayashi: It’s a plot point. If Cirno ran into Suwako for the first time and saw the frogs on her dress and the eyes on her hat, do you think she would be nearly as friendly to her? As for why Suwako is running around without her normal outfit, well we’ll answer that question soon.

  5. falkonus says:

    lol at cirno’s face.

  6. Kobayashi says:

    Makes sense – hadn’t thought of that since she revealed she was a goddess. Just not a froggy goddess.

  7. Skribulous says:


    That’s the thing. I’d say Cirno would still be friendly. Even with the incident with the giant frogs swallowing her whole, and her childish bragging, Cirno doesn’t really hate frogs, but sees them mainly as playthings. After all, despite being over 60 years old, Cirno still has a child’s “pure and innocent” heart.

    On that note, perhaps that might be another reason why Suwako would be drawn to Cirno. Cirno’s innocence and sincerity might appeal to the ancient goddess. Even though as a goddess Suwako could appear in any form that she chose, she used a child’s body as her avatar perhaps not only to symbolize her position in the Moriya shrine, but to relinquish “grownup things” like intrigue, politics, and keeping up of appearances.
    (Then again, canon–if you consider 12.3 canon–shows that Suwako can plot and scheme with the best of them.) Thus, she might see Cirno as someone she could be more herself with, and one whom she can have a “rivalry” with–someone who she can playfight and play around with to her Heart’s Content.

  8. Author says:

    BTW 81 is 9^2
    Not sure what the significance of it is though.

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