Comment #999 Award (for Falkonus)

Back in the day, when this blog was known as “Heart’s Content”, I announced a prize of “I’ll draw whatever you want (within reasonable limits)” for whoever posted the 666th comment to the blog. The winner was Kairu Ishimaru. His comment?

epic lulz! lolis!

That was a good comment for such a milestone, if you consider that comedy and lolis are the foundation of this blog. That’s why J.C.Staff is the best anime studio on earth, why Kito is better than John Avon, and why Toho is the best game series around. For his prize, he requested a catgirl with glasses, and this was the result.

This illustration spent a while as the banner of his blog, then I adopted it as my own banner after he stopped using it.

And then my blog got hacked.

Heart’s Content was reborn as the more appropriately named “Heart’s Content (H.C.) Staff”, but the posts were all lost and the comment counter was reset to zero.

The Comment #666 award was replaced with a Comment #999 award, and I never announced it, because announcing the award made people comment more and I wanted it to be a surprise.

Reader Falkonus made the 999th comment:

lol at cirno’s face.

The comment is strikingly similar to that of the previous winner; but now refers to a Toho character instead of “lolis”. This is also highly appropriate for the blog, when you consider that H.C.Staff is just like Heart’s Content, only with more Toho.

So what’s the prize?

A picture of Cirno.

Now what exactly Cirno is doing in the picture is up to you, and what else besides Cirno is in the picture is also up to you. Let me know in the comments what you would like.

The following restrictions apply:

1. This is the last project I will undertake full-time before school starts again in September. While there will still be updates to both Fairy Ring and Lotus Cobra is Evil after this is done, activity on this blog will slow down because of school.

2. The time budget will be about 20 hours. If you ask for something difficult and epic, know that the end result may be incomplete and underdeveloped because I run out of time.

3. Sexually explicit requests will be toned down or sidestepped entirely. If you ask for a picture of Utsuho and Cirno doing 69, the result may be the two of them in the kitchen preparing a cake for Satori’s birthday. Revealing attire such as swimsuits or underwear, or non-sexual romantic scenes, are fine.

4. Cirno must not be portrayed in a dark or gory fashion. If you want to show her stabbing Daiyousei with an icicle or getting decapitated by Yuka’s sunflowers, I will confiscate your award and let Muffin decide what should be in it. Cirno suffering clothing damage during a losing battle, or freezing a frog and getting chased by Suwako, are permissible.

5. Non-traditional depictions of Cirno are fine. This includes Miko Cirno, Achi Cirno, Genderswapped Cirno, Cirno-neesan, or the Japanese World War II piloted bomb known as the Ohka.

So, Falkonus, make your request and I will do my best to carry it out. Congratulations on winning the Comment #999 award, and thank you for playing!

12 Responses to “Comment #999 Award (for Falkonus)”

  1. Kenny says:

    Congratulations! (Does this mean I’m #1000 with this?)

  2. Sixten says:

    *checks logs* Yes, you are #1000. (There’s no prize for that though.)

  3. falkonus says:

    heh, nice. This was unexpected.

    A picture of Cirno and Daiyousei wearing yukatas and having fun at a festival would be fun. I’m not sure what’s a 20 hour job for you, but something along those lines would be fine. thanks for the award.

  4. falkonus says:

    P.S. sorry if i let anyone down with that decision, i lack creativity.

  5. They should be tipsy on ZUN(tm) beer, and in a state of subtle untidy dress whilst at that festival, in yukata.

    Sort of sliding off, but not actually taken off yukata are great. 😮

  6. Kitsu says:

    Obviously it should be Cirno fighitng Diamond Faerie from Coldsnap…or arguing with her over who the stronger Faerie is 😛

    Haha not that its my choice. Nice job Falkonus. I’m glad to see the 999th comment being related to Cirno at least.

  7. Skribulous says:

    Well, if Cirno & Daiyousei in yukatas at a festival is too “boring”, why not spice it up by making it a Cirno Festival? A convention dedicated to Cirno, with shoutouts to every fandom depiction of Cirno on display, from: a giant 9-ball in the center; Cirno-yukkuris; Cirno cosplayers featuring Advent Cirno, Cirno-nee, bkub’s Cirno, Dioxin’s Cirno, Walfas Cirno; Cirno-related merchandise, and so on and so forth…




    Not that I’m saying sixten can’t or won’t do it, but that spicy and blatant fanservice seems wrong somehow, like a JC Staff show with a main heroine revealed to have been molested in a flashback. Oh, wait–

  8. Articulate lot, your readers!

  9. Pocky says:

    It was fate that did it. Post #999 had to be about cirno whether poster knew it would be 999th post or not.

  10. Duy Truong says:

    And that shall be the strongest comment

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