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So Lotus Cobra is Evil got featured on the Japanese blog of Rattie, who said (as far as I can tell) “Nissa and the Cobra are very cute… the true moe character is Sorin.”


No, I am not going to turn Sorin into Remilia. I’m not some perverted lolicon Tohofag who insists on moefying everything.

11 Responses to “Ask Dr. Koth”

  1. Frein says:

    Poor Sorin is turning into a girl(y man)? I guess we’ll see Koth has planned for him in the next installment.

  2. Flak says:

    4/10, Koth is too moe


  3. Asura Rising says:

    Manly sorin? Count me in

  4. falkonus says:

    The japanese have gone tooo far with this “moe” witch hunt.

  5. rattie says:


    Dr.Koth understands moe very well.


  6. random says:

    is the lass on the third panel nicol bolas?


  7. waterfallen says:

    Dr Koth is wrong. Moe-fication makes MALE planeswalkers weaker while further empowering FEMALE planeswalkers.
    Proof: Nissa defeating Sorin &

    I’m annoyed that Magic’s second all-red planeswalker is not a rock rori like Toph Bei Fong.


  8. airotciv says:

    I wonder what Moe Nicol Bolas is going to look like. He didn’t really have much constructed use either. LOL

  9. Sixten says:

    This is what Nicol Bolas looks like.

  10. Skribulous says:

    Dr. Koth is my hero. Best red planeswalker ever.

    …Chandra who?

  11. waterfallen says:

    Moe Elspeth is my waifu … Best white planeswalker ever.

    .. Ajani who?


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