Taking it easy again

I worked too much this past week and developed eyestrain. I’m taking a break from drawing for a while. Expect Fairy Ring next week as normal.

So I went to the local game store and talked to the Dungeon Master who I hadn’t seen in a while. I had thought I would be able to play some Dark Sun this summer, but I turned out to be too busy. Turns out a new wave of changes are coming to the 4th edition rules, and I for one approve.

I can’t wait for the Character Builder to incorporate these changes, allowing for Dwarves with strength bonuses, powered-up Fireballs and Burning Hands, more effective Great Fortitude/Lightning Reflexes/Iron Will, and the new Human racial power Heroic Effort.

Unfortunately, I’ll probably be too busy this fall, but I should be able to bring the updated Daniel Redhound into the winter campaign. At least, I hope so. It’ll be the 4th edition updated version of the classic module Keep on the Borderlands, which super-old-schoolers like myself remember from way back in elementary school.

I haven’t thought of a backstory for Daniel Redhound yet, but he’s a former guardsman who has to go into the Caves of Chaos for some reason. His stats are somewhat average across the board and not min-maxed, and his abilities are focused on defense and tactical maneuvering at the expense of damage.

I probably won’t need to worry about this until 2011 though.

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