Year of the Snake

Has it actually been a whole year?

It has indeed. A full year has passed since the first Lotus Cobra is Evil strip made its appearance. And since then, to my surprise, it has gone on to be my most popular work, despite its extremely narrow focus. Lotus Cobra posts are more read and commented than all except the CCY posts, and even on Pixiv where Toho is king, Lotus Cobra is more bookmarked and more highly rated than my best Toho pieces.

I guess the overlap between planeswalkers and weeaboos is bigger than I thought, and the online Magic the Gathering community is just that awesome.

Thanks to promotions from Evan Erwin and Bennie Smith of Star City Games, the extra exposure from MTG Color Pie and MTG Salvation, mentions on blogs such as Rattie’s and DesuDesu’s, and last but definitely not least a feature on the Official Magic site, Lotus Cobra has been brought to more people than I could have expected. Thank you to everyone who reads Lotus Cobra is Evil.

This is the last weekend of summer. School, which starts again on Wednesday, will destroy my free time again, and it may take a while before the next Cobra post, or the next anything post for that matter. I know the jokes are inconsistent and the art is still not at a professional level. But Lotus Cobra is Evil wouldn’t be the most popular thing I’ve ever done if there wasn’t something in it that people liked. So I will continue to do my best to bring that “something”.

Anyway, here’s a double feature!

14 Responses to “Year of the Snake”

  1. Flak says:

    Not savvy enough to get the 2nd. Loved the 1st. Congrats on one year! 😀

  2. James says:

    I believe it is describing primevial titan-fauna shaman love, then vengevine bursts in between them.

    First one is funnier.

    Author Note: That’s not a Fauna Shaman, that’s Aleksi; and that’s not Vengevine, that’s Tunnel Ignus. The joke was supposed to be that Tunnel Ignus interferes with Primeval Titan’s plans, regardless of what those plans might be.

  3. Keegan says:

    I believe Tunnel Ignus was fighting mischief with mischief. 😛

  4. Kojiroh Sakaki says:

    @Flak it’s a new card called Tunnel Ignus. an R1 2/1 elemental creature who deals 3 damage to any opponent who gets additional land in play. you can think it as a Kataki, war’s wage for ramp decks.

    BTW, I wouldn’t say playing music will cure Moe disease. if you do a band in H.C staff, you’re gonna end up looking like those K-on girls.

  5. Pocky says:

    1st comic: RocK-on Sorin!
    2nd comic: I guess you can say… titan is on the attack 😀

  6. Kenny says:

    Fortunately Valakut will burn the Ignus up before it can do any more damage.

  7. Samukun says:

    Nothing like a gratuitous rock concert to take the year out with a bang.

  8. Impulsive says:

    1st: I’d so be a groupie, like the Myr.
    2nd: Tunnel Ingus. Trollin’ Green-Titan-Girls and Artists on their land(s).

  9. John says:

    Tunnel Ignus: moment killer.

  10. airotciv says:

    I’ve got a playset of tunnel ignus out of the five pre-release events that I attended over the weekend. They’re everywhere!!!

  11. jbrennan says:

    I can’t wait for the next block. I can see it now: returning to the ancient China of P3K, we’re introduced to Tunnel Ignus’s companion, the equipment card Flay Zaio.

    But seriously, folks…

  12. MH says:

    So, this is the cure Dr HOTH was talking about. I hope Sorin will be around in a later set in the block, but kinda doubt it. They’ve been buffing up Tezzeret in the storylines enough to make grazing impossible.

    Funnily enough, one of my friends got recently into magic and she’s been aching for a Sorin or two so she can get started on a Vampire deck. Oh, and she’s also checked out pretty much every artwork of Sorin on the ‘nets. I’ll need to link this one to her as well 😉

  13. Boshea says:

    Mirrodin suddenly became a far more awesome plane.

  14. riptide_director says:

    tunnel-ignus + zo-zu the punisher = ramp GG

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