May contain trace amounts of siscon

(I just realized I don’t have an “anime” category on this blog. How about that?)

As for Yosuga no Sora, the show is trash.

Okay, it’s nice, but it’s still trash.

There are four new J.C.Staff shows running this season: Youkai Maiden Zakuro, Milky Holmes, Bakuman, and Magical Index 2. I should have watched one of them instead.

But instead I watched this trashy show.

I am a frog, but I have learned things from the tanuki.

Let’s go over what we know about Yosuga no Sora from Erogamescape (SUPER OBVIOUSLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK).

Following this link (also goes to Erogamescape) leads to a bunch of comments on the Little Sister tag:



“This is a Sora Game.”

“Main heroine is blood-related younger twin sister.”


“Sora is too cute.”

“I got the game only for (the Little Sister).”

And over on the English-speaking side, we have Yandere Translations going,

What!? You like imouto!? Play Yosuga no Sora! …And thus I came to play the game.

Sora: Imouto. Imouto. It’s important, so I said it twice. A silent twintail loli imouto!? Kitaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Or maybe not. She was so cute when she came all over you, then she turned into a scary yandere!!

As Hinano knows, Sora walks the line between tsundere and yandere. From looking at the CG set, I don’t think anyone gets Nice Boated during the game, although someone’s life definitely gets threatened in a non-accidental fashion.

And also Eroge Review:

When it comes to ero, I religiously abide an unbreakable empirical truth: Twincest is Best.

Playing on the spiritual and media stereotype that twins share an unbreakable connection, its incest taken to the furthest extremes; the evil of a forbidden relationship multiplied by shared appearance… and in some cultures, two halves of the same soul. It even appalls Science, spitting in the face of Darwinism by throwing the virtues of genetic diversity out the window. Interested? Damn right you are!

On some forum, he goes on to call Yosuga no Sora “best brother-sister twincest in an eroge”.

Of course, no siscon show with a light-haired, twintailed, flat-chested tsundere fails to catch Stripey’s attention:

He says he likes the drama, considers Haruka “worthy” (for reasons not related to his appearance) and Sora “exceeding expectations as the tsundere imouto”. He also calls the above screencap “the most capped scene in YnS”.

I myself have posted before on Yosuga no Sora‘s treacherous influence on me, as well as its general story and amazing art, so I won’t repeat myself regarding those. The anime looks good so far, with the appealing character designs providing enough of a distraction that the not-particularly-high-quality animation won’t bother you. The backgrounds are gorgeous though, except when the 3D becomes too obvious.

If it isn’t abundantly clear now, if you aren’t into siscon, avoid this show like you would avoid the Six Thousand Tentacles of Annihilation, because it is trash. Stuff like the comedic My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute!, the super-trashy Kiss x Sis, and the fanservice-focused I Absolutely Do Not Like My Brother At All, Okay? are fine and all. But Yosuga no Sora is incest played for drama, and as you would expect, will seem sick and wrong, made worse by Sora’s being both immature tsundere and clingy, desperate yandere. Because of the buildup with all the girls crushing on Haruka, the stream of text messages (a yandere tactic, I’m given to understand), and Sora’s obsessive fantasies, the final scene of the first episode chilled my blood.

Because the scene violates the publishing guidelines of H.C.Staff, here is a placeholder.

Now what can we expect from the rest of the show, besides the siscon drama? Let’s look at the Erogamescape tags regarding the male protagonist, Haruka Kasugano.

What is “motemote”?

10 out of 10 Tanukis, black cats, frogs, and crested ibises agree, Sora Kasugano is gorgeous. So if she has a twin brother, it stands to reason that the brother is also gorgeous. If you think all the girls are crushing on Haruka for no reason, then you don’t understand that certain rare animals, myself included, were looking forward to Yosuga no Sora simply because it looked so damn good. People are swayed by beauty all the time. It stands to reason that Kazuha, Kozue and Motoka would like Haruka just because he’s pretty.

I’m guessing though, based on the event CGs I’ve seen, that the drama will be centered on the characters who already know Haruka, namely Sora his sister, Nao, his neighbor and childhood friend, and Akira, the shrine maiden who he doesn’t seem to remember as well as Nao. The other characters will be swept along, Kazuha because she’s Akira’s friend, Motoka because she’s Kazuha’s maid, and Kozue because she’s going to assist with Sora fitting in when she finally does enter school. Haruka’s popularity with the ladies serves to trigger Sora’s militant intervention, and there’s plenty of room for both Haruka and Sora to make friends and become more mature, even if we might be heading for a twincest end.

In Narg’s review of the visual novel, he says that Sora and Nao’s stories are the good ones. The rest of the characters’ routes suffer from the relationships progressing too fast. If they go down the Sora or Nao route, then we’ll get the best of the drama the visual novel has to offer, courtesy of the director of Spice and Wolf.

Make no mistake – all of the bad things people are saying about Yosuga no Sora are true. More than half of the first episode is either cliche or shameless pandering. And the designated end girl, Sora, will alienate people who dislike flat chests, people who dislike tsundere, people who dislike yandere, and people who like well-adjusted girls in healthy romantic relationships. That’s a lot of alienated people. At least the staff had the good sense to separate some really wrong stuff out into a chibified extra segment, so they could put the trashiest stuff where it would be available for people that wanted it, but kept out of the way of the main story.

The intended audience however, people such as Stripey and myself, who are sick enough to watch tsundere yandere loli siscon drama, will find things to like. There were some scenes that had emotional impact. Haruka may have trauma and/or sins in his past, and getting to the bottom of Sora’s seriously messed-up priorities will be a hell of a ride. It’ll be like sifting through the trash looking for treasure.

Mostly siscon-related treasure.

10 Responses to “May contain trace amounts of siscon”

  1. I think I’ll treat it like kryptonite.

  2. Samukun says:

    Don’t deny the stripes on your tail, Sixten!!! You deny the power of siscon and yet still write a 1000+ word post about Yosuga no Sora? You’re wallowing in almost as much self denial as the tanuki himself.

  3. falkonus says:

    Samukun does have a point…

  4. Zeroblade says:

    I more than happily welcome delicious tsundere yandere loli siscon drama!

  5. GoldenSunfreak says:

    Hmm…definitely not a fan of siscon. I remember one anime I saw called “True Tears” had a little siscon in it. Well, if you’re looking for good siscon, or something close to it, you can try the manga Shingetsutan Tsukihime, in which the main character’s sister is in love with him. I think. You know what, I’m not even too sure myself. You could always try this link: Funny fan-made comic about said sister and brother.

  6. Hinano says:

    I’m not into siscon but I’m watching for the train wreck factor. I mean that’s the only reason I watched H2O ~terrible animation in the sand~ 😆

  7. Frein says:


    In Tsukihime the sister isn’t actually related, as the protagonist is the survivor of a massacred rival family absorbed into the Tohno family.

  8. GoldenSunfreak says:


    Oh yeah, that’s true. Heheh, forgot about that. I guess that would be a legit relationship then, huh?


    Have you read this manga yet?:

  9. TheNewHorde says:

    Long time no see Sixten!

    And yeah, I agree this show was crap, but somehow I felt the need to keep watching it just because it was this bad. And I guess I was tempted by the fanservice of Kazuha and Sora. 😛

    On the side note, DotQ is back!

  10. Barachem says:

    I liked the concept of several stories being played out.
    I disliked the heavy sexual content.
    I at first only disliked Sora, but after she flat out chased Nao away after finding them doing the deed, i hated her and then i quit the series.
    I liked the weird omake-scenes after the actual show.

    And speaking of OreImo, dear heaven what a trainwreck that turned out to be.
    One knows it’s a darn trainwreck and should stop watching, but one cannot stop watching.
    Incredible how the original story, where Kirino is as unlikable as in the anime, and Kyousuke is punching bag as well, was adapted into an anime.

    Only high-lights this season: Soredemo_Machi_wa_Mawatteiru, Kuragehime, Shinryaku! Ika Musume and The_World_God_Only_Knows.

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