Comment #999 Award (6 hours)

So after a few (dozen) runs of Subterranean Animism Stage 5 in practice mode, I tried for the 1CC again and game-overed to Utsuho. At least it seems like I can pass Orin with less trouble now.

Yeah, I’m still not done and I’m already running 70 more tries and 5 more hours than the last time I 1CC’d a Toho game. I need to play some Deathsmiles or something to remind myself that even SA is on the easy side as far as these curtain fire shooters go.

Also, I’ve continued working on this:

Yes, I know a professional would have it all colored and stuff in 6 hours, but at least it’s faster than the last time. Although arguably this is a simpler composition.

Please watch warmly, etc.

2 Responses to “Comment #999 Award (6 hours)”

  1. TheNewHorde says:

    it’s adorable. But I’m surprised all of this only taken 6 hours, that’s still really amazing though. I like how crisp your lineart is, mine would be crappy still even in 18 hours… -___-

  2. TheNewHorde says:

    That said, never gotten first before. Well, it’s 3:11 AM, no wonder.

    Let me say this now… FIRST POST!

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