Round 2

The finalists of the Wizards of the Coast Great Designer Search will be announced tomorrow. Will Robby make the Top 8? He certainly knows by now, but the rest of us will have to wait a day. According to Evan Erwin, this is a taste of the high levels of secrecy enforced in the world of professional game design.

This morning, I submitted my entry to the second round of the Star City Games Talent Search, and it too, was a taste of the world of professional publication. How so?

1. Direction. Those that pay you, get to tell you what to do. Sure, since this is still the contest, I didn’t get paid, but should I win, I should definitely not expect to have my way in everything. Your employer may give you quite a bit of freedom within your restrictions, but there will be restrictions. For the second round, there was a theme of “How I Began Playing Magic”, and the instruction to me was “How Chandra learned to ‘play’ Magic”.

Brainstorming and improvising become more important than ever, because that cool idea you’ve been refining for a week now can’t be used because “the customer is paying for something else” or “the boss said so.”

2. Deadlines. Miss them and you’re fired. This may seem obvious to anyone who’s worked on a real job, but I can’t suspend a project for “whenever I have time” like with Fairy Ring. Jasmine broke up with me after what, me taking seven months to create five pages? No way I would last seven months at Star City with that behavior. The instructions for this round came in on Friday afternoon, and I had to turn in four (yes, four) four-panel strips before 11:59 PM tonight.

It was tough getting the 12 hours to work on the comic as well as the 12 hours to work on my homework. I turned in a rough version of the comic for approval, then worked on my homework while waiting for the response. I got the approval, and alternated between homework and the comic, switching whenever I got bored or frustrated. Somehow, I managed to finish both, and on time – yes, I was able to do four strips in 12 hours. I may be blasted out of my mind right now, but I achieved a higher level of speed and concentration.

Sure, it’s slow by professional standards (a pro would take 90 minutes per 4koma max, for something without color) but what I just did would have been impossible even just a year ago.

This Thursday (Nov. 04), the second round of submissions in my category will be revealed on Star City Games.

What I came up with isn’t like any Lotus Cobra you’ve ever seen.

Look forward to it.

4 Responses to “Round 2”

  1. riptide_director says:

    cant wait for them to come up!!

  2. doddse says:

    Excellent, keep up the good work! Still rooting for you!

  3. randommaster says:

    Hope you get the spot. I’d be nice to see something apart from articles on SSG.

  4. Flak says:

    Oh man, I’m excited to see this 😀
    Good luck in the judging, Sixten!!

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